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Matshobana KaMangete

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Matshobana KaMangete (c. late 18th century – c. 1820s) was a South African and Mthwakazian traditional and ancestral leader.

Matshobana KaMangete
Chief of Northern Khumalo tribe, South Africa
Reign Late 1700s – ca. 1820
Predecessor Mangete (Father), Chief of Khumalo tribe, South Africa
Successor Mzilikazi
Born ca. late 1700s
Died ca. 1820s
Spouse Nompethu KaZwide, daughter of Zwide, Chief of the Ndwandwe people
Issue Mzilikazi (son), and others
House House of Khumalo; a clan of the Nguni people
Father Mangete
Mother MaNxumalo

Matshobana, son of chief Mangete, was the chief of the Khumalo tribe: a clan of Nguni people living near the Black Umfolozi river in kwaZulu, in South Africa, and was the father of Mzilikazi the founder of the Ndebele (Matabele) kingdom in Zimbabwe. Matshobana married his first wife, Nompethu KaZwide, who gave birth to Mzilikazi in 1790. It is said that when Matshobana was in charge of a regiment invading a neighbouring tribe he was caught and had his arm amputated and was later set free.

In the early 19th century the Khumalo came under pressure to join the Ndwandwe nation due to the expanding power of the Ndwandwe chief, Matshobana's father-in-law, Zwide kaLanga. The alliance was uneasy, and the Khumalos sought help from the leader of the Mthethwa kingdom, Dingiswayo, and his protégé Shaka Zulu.

In the course of an attempted invasion of Zwide's territory, Dingiswayo was captured and put to death by Zwide. Shaka Zulu escaped capture only through the help of Chief Donda Khumalo, as a result of which Zwide ordered the deaths of all three Khumalo chiefs, Beje, Donda and Matshobana.

Beje was the only one to escape, Donda was killed and Matshobana was taken captive along with his son, Mzilikazi. In the end Zwide ordered Matshobana to be executed, while Mzilikazi became a lieutenant of Shaka Zulu before leaving him to form the Ndebele kingdom in what is now Zimbabwe.

In the 1986 South African TV series, Shaka Zulu, Matshobana was beheaded by Ndwandwe soldiers and his head given to the Sangoma Queen Ntombazi of the Ndwandwe who was Zwide's mother.

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