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Mats Wester (2008)

Mats Wester (born 1964) is a Swedish musician and plays the nyckelharpa. Together with the singer Håkan Hemlin he operates the musical group Nordman. During Nordman's long pause Mats created another group together with Py Bäckman (lyrics) and Elenor Ågeryd (vocals). Mats has also written a song for the group Garmarna "En gång ska han gråta" (Once he will cry). As many times before Py Bäckman wrote the lyrics to the song.

According to Nordman's Website, Mats is the musical mastermind of the group, and that the music is his passion, hobby and life.

Mats Wester-Radio City Music Hall-with Joe Bonamassa Jan 2015

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