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Matjaz Belsak

Belšak lifting a giant circus dumbbell at the Strongman Champions League in Croatia, 2015.

Matjaz Belsak (in slovenian Matjaž Belšak) is a Slovenian professional strongman competitor and powerlifter.



Matjaž Belšak was born in Slovenia on September 23 of 1992. He grew up in a family of cooking lovers; his parents own a restaurant where he occasionally works as an apprentice chef. He competed in junior powerlifting at the age of 17 before starting his strongman career. Belšak is a two time winner of Slovenia's Strongest Man (2014, 2015) and in 2015 he participated in Europe's Strongest Man and the 2015 World's Strongest Man competitions. In January 2016, he placed 2nd at World's Strongest Viking and in that same year, he qualified for the 2016 World's Strongest Man grand final, placing 9th overall

Physical and technical characteristicsEdit

Belšak stands 185 cm (6 ft 1 in) tall and weighs 140 kg (310 lb). He is very strong in the upper body (personal record on giant circus dumbbell event: 14 reps with a 87 kg weight) and also shows great power in his legs and back. Despite being a strongman competitor, as well as his strength, Belšak also has great stamina and speed.

Board placingsEdit

In strongman career:

2014 2015 2016
World's Strongest Man / 3rd - heat 5 9th - final
Europe's Strongest Man / 5th /
World's Strongest Viking / / 2nd
World's Ultimate Strongest Team / 1st with

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Slovenia's Strongest Man 1st 1st /

Personal recordsEdit

In competition:

Deadlift with straps - 400 kg at Europe's Strongest Man 2015.

Log Lift - 190 kg (419 lb) at Strongman Champions League 2015 in Germany.

Tyre Deadlift - 350 kg (771,6 lb) for 8 reps.

Giant Circus Dumbbell - 87 kg (192 lb) for 14 reps.

Gym lifts:

Deadlift - 380 kg.

Squat (max) - 400 kg (881 lb).

Squat (for reps) - 372,5 kg (821 lbs) for 3 reps.

Log lift (for reps) - 140 kg (309 lb) for 9 reps.