Mateer Memorial Church

C.S.I. Mateer Memorial is a protestant congregation located in Trivandrum, India.[1]

It was dedicated in the heart of the city in December 1906. The church is a member of the Church of South India (CSI).

C.S.I.Mateer Memorial, Trivandrum, Kerala


Before the construction of the M.M. Church L.M.S people of Trivandrum worshipped in a church constructed by the Protestant evangelical trust in the 1830s. Rev. Samuel Sumanam father of Mr. S.I. Sumanam from Paraniyam was working in that church as an evangelist from 1878 onwards. The Trivandrum L.M.S. Church became a pastorate in 1895 and Mr. Mathew Kesari, father of Rev. John M. Kesari and grandfather of Rev. J. Eben Kesari was the first Indian to be ordained as the pastor of that church. Rev. Mathew Kesari retired from service in 1904 when the new church was still under construction. His son John M. Kesari was the first pastor of the newly constructed Mateer Memorial Church, his period of service being from April 1905 to March, 1913. Cite error: A <ref> tag is missing the closing </ref> (see the help page).

As far as the diocese is concerned, Mateer can be designated as the pioneer of indigenization of the church. When he arrived there were 25 congregations, 3000 Christians and an annual income of Rs. 800/-. But when he took leave after 33 years, the number of congregations had increased to 56, Christians to 10,060 and annual income to Rs. 3000/-[2]

In 1890, Mrs. Mateer had to return to England owing to ill health. Rev. Samuel Mateer went to England in 1891 on leave, and died there on 24 December 1893. It was in the same year that the Trivandrum Church was elevated to the position of a pastorate. The church building constructed in the LMS compound and dedicated to the loving memory of Mateer was opened for worship on 1 December 1906, along with the centenary celebrations of the London Missionary Society.[citation needed]


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