Matbucha (Hebrew: מטבוחה maṭbūkhah) is a Moroccan Jewish[1] condiment or cooked salad consisting of cooked tomatoes and roasted bell peppers seasoned with garlic and chili pepper, and slow-cooked for a number of hours. [2] It is traditionally served on Shabbat with challah or "home bread" (a traditional Moroccan Jewish bread just for serving with matbucha), and is a condiment typically served as part of an appetizer, often as part of a salatim, or salad course. Matbucha is a very popular dish in Israel, where it was brought by Jewish immigrants from Morocco.[3]

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Place of originMorocco
Region or stateMaghreb
Created byMoroccan Jews
Main ingredientsTomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, chili peppers

It may be used as a base for shakshuka.[2]


Matbucha is prepared by cooking tomatoes, bell peppers, chilis and garlic over low heat for many hours until they cook down into a smooth, thick spread similar to jam in consistency.[2][1]

Commercial variantsEdit

Commercially-produced matbucha has been commonly sold throughout Israel at most grocery stores for decades, and is available in both the refrigerated and shelf stable varieties. Brands include Sabra, Osem, and others. In recent years matbucha has become available in the United States under the NY Shuk brand, among several others.[4][5]

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