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Master of Taxation (MTax), Master of Business Taxation (MBT), or Master of Science in Taxation (MSTax) is a higher degree in taxation conferred by universities. MTax programs prepare graduates for executive careers in the accounting profession with a focus on taxation, where effective decisions require a detailed understanding of tax consequences. The MTax or a similar equivalent is usually housed within a university’s business school or law school to specifically train students for evaluating finances in compliance with tax codes. Sample curriculum could include: income tax, corporate tax, tax planning, inheritance tax, international tax, tax law or tax policy. Extensive prerequisites are common to be admitted to the program, such as an accounting degree or having the CPA designation. For programs not requiring accounting degrees, common requirements include calculus and undergraduate classes in economics, economic statistics, accounting, and finance. Most programs require 12 to 18 months to complete, but a part-time or flexible schedule may allow a longer completion interval.[1][2][3]

MTax graduates often obtain job titles such as: tax examiner, financial manager, auditor, tax advisor, or tax manager.[4][5][6][7]


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