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A Master of Design (MDes, M.Des. or M.Design) is a postgraduate academic master degree in the field of Design awarded by several academic institutions around the world. The degree level has different equivalencies; some MDes are equivalent to Master of Fine Arts and others to a Master of Arts or Master of Science postgraduate degree in alternative disciplines. It often follows a Bachelor of Design degree and requires around two years of study and research in design.

Awarding institutionsEdit

Undergraduate studiesEdit

Some European institutions award an undergraduate MDes degree. Like all European master degrees, this usually requires a four-year program with a research project or dissertation.

  • Coventry University, Coventry, UK, awards MDes in various Industrial Design courses including Transport and Automotive design, in four-year programs.[4]
  • University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, awards a Master of Design degree specializing in Product Design, in a 4-year undergraduate program. Students are awarded a BDes after 3 years and can continue to a 4th year after which they receive a MDes.[5]
  • De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, awards a Master of Design degree specialising in Design Products, in a 4-year undergraduate program. It also offers part-time study opportunity to complete in 7 years. Students are awarded a MDes. after the successful completion of the programme.[6]


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