Master Kong (restaurant)

Master Kong is a Chinese restaurant with two locations in Portland, Oregon.[1][2]

Master Kong
Exterior sign, 2022
Restaurant information
EstablishedMarch 2018 (2018-03)
Food typeChinese
CountryUnited States
Coordinates45°30′17″N 122°34′33″W / 45.5048°N 122.5758°W / 45.5048; -122.5758
Seating capacity35 (Montavilla)



Master Kong serves Chinese cuisine at two locations in southeast Portland. The original 35-seat restaurant operates in a house on Division Street in the Montavilla neighborhood, and a second location on 32nd Avenue operates in the Richmond neighborhood.[3] The menu has included buns, congee, dumplings,[4] and jianbing.[5][6]



The original restaurant opened in March 2018.[5] The second location opened in early November 2022.[3]



In 2018, Master Kong was named Willamette Week's Newcomer of the Year,[5] and was nominated for Restaurant of the Year by Eater Portland's Eater Awards.[7] Michael Russell included Master Kong in The Oregonian's 2018 list of Portland's 10 best new restaurants, as well as the newspaper's 2019 and 2020 lists of the city's 40 best inexpensive restaurants.[8][9]

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