Master Joe & O.G. Black

Master Joe (Joel Hernández Rodríguez) and O.G. Black (Adolfo Ramírez Bruno) were a Dominican and Puerto Rican reggaeton duo. They have released various albums and spawned moderate hits in Puerto Rico. They were part of DJ Joe's Escuadron Del Panico along with Hakeem & Jenay, Ranking Stone, Genio, Guayo Man, Doble Impact, Trebol Clan, and DJ Joe. Their hits include "Bailen Yackien", "Mi Locura (featuring Noriega)", "Mil Amores" and "Matadora". and As of 2007, they are no longer a duo. Master Joe duos with Lil' Sean. O.G. Black duos with Guayo Man. O.G. Black used to duo with Q Mac Daddy in the mid '90s and they released the CD Bajo Tu Observación.

Master Joe & O.G. Black
OriginPuerto Rico, Dominican Republic
Years active1997-2006
LabelsDream Team Killer, Pina Records, Ole Music, Diamond Collections


As O.G. BlackEdit

As Master JoeEdit

  • Welcome To My Kingdom (1995)


  • Metimos Las Patas
  • Bailen, Yackien
  • Bajen Pa' Aca
  • Banshee Robao
  • Tú Naciste Pa' Mí
  • D' Abuso
  • Mil Amores
  • Matadora