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Masohi is a coastal town on the Indonesian island of Seram. It is the capital of the Central Maluku Regency (Kebupaten Maluku Tengah). It was the site of a detention camp for political prisoners in the 1970s. The headquarters of Manusela National Park is located in Masohi.

Masohi is located in Seram Island
Location in Seram Island
Coordinates: 3°17′56″S 128°57′58″E / 3.29889°S 128.96611°E / -3.29889; 128.96611Coordinates: 3°17′56″S 128°57′58″E / 3.29889°S 128.96611°E / -3.29889; 128.96611
RegencyCentral Maluku
Time zoneUTC+9 (WIT)


Christian-Muslim violenceEdit

The Maluku sectarian conflict impacted Masohi at the end of 1999 and in early 2000.[1] A fresh outbreak of violence occurred in 2008 in Masohi over alleged blasphemy by a teacher. Dozens of houses were burnt, as well as a church and a village hall. Five injuries were reported.[2][3][4][5]


  • Roads run east and west along the coast from Masohi. Another road goes over the mountains to Wahai on the north coast.
  • An airport exists here, linking Masohi with Ambon and Banda.
  • The sea port serves boats arriving from Ambon, Saparua and other parts of the Moluccas.

Around MasohiEdit

Points of interest include the cave Goa Akohi (near Tamilouw village) and a small lake, Ihu Allah.

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