The 'Tentera Diraja Mosque (Malay: Masjid Tentera Diraja; Jawi: مسجد تنترا دراج) is a single story old-generation mosque located off Clementi Road in Clementi Woods, Singapore. Located opposite National University of Singapore, the mosque is iconic for its hilltop location and gold painted dome.

مسجد تنترا دراج
Masjid Tentera Diraja
Tentera Diraja Mosque
Branch/traditionSunni Islam
Location81 Clementi Road
Singapore 129797
Geographic coordinates1°17′55″N 103°46′09″E / 1.298703°N 103.769272°E / 1.298703; 103.769272
Construction costS$350,000 (2004 restoration)[1]

History edit

Built on the top of Clementi Hill in 1961 by the Muslims who served for the British Army after World War II. It was named Tentera Di-Raja (Malay for Royal Army) in honor of the British Army (Due to the name, the mosque has been erroneously and mistaken by worshippers to be owned by the Malaysian government).

The mosque was officially opened by Yang di-Pertuan Negara, Yusof Ishak on 30 March 1962. Due to the mosque's military roots, a Guard of Honour contingent ceremony made up of Muslim servicemen were present during the opening. In the late 1969 with the British Army's withdrawal from Singapore, the mosque came under the management of the Singapore Government. It was rebuilt to its present state and was officiated by Encik Yusof once more, this time as the President of Singapore.[2]

Today edit

The administration of the mosque today comes under the purview of Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura.

Unique to the institution, the "Mudik ke Hulu" program provides ex-offenders who have served their sentences a chance to integrate and return to society at no charge or subsidized costs. Regardless of age and gender, the programs include weekly classes and upgrading skills in collaboration with other agencies/organizations.[3]

Transportation edit

The mosque is accessible from Kent Ridge Bus Terminal and bus services 33, 183 and 188.

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