Maryus Vaysberg

Maryus Erikovich Vaysberg (Russian: Марюс Эрикович Вайсберг, born 1 April 1971), also known as Marius Balčiūnas-Weisberg,[1][2] is a Russian film director, producer, and screenwriter of Lithuanian and Jewish descent.

Maryus Vaysberg
Maryus Erikovich Vaysberg

(1971-04-01) April 1, 1971 (age 51)
Other namesMarius Balčiūnas-Weisberg
CitizenshipSoviet Union
Occupationfilm director, film producer, screenwriter


His father, Erik Vaysberg, had had his own career in the Soviet film industry- he acted as the executive producer of Tarkovsky's film Mirror,[3] on Andrei Konchalovsky's film Siberiade, and Karen Shakhnazarov's film The Assassin of the Tsar.

Vaysberg graduated from the VGIK in the mid-1990s and started releasing films.[4] His first film, No Vacancy, starring Christina Ricci was released in 1999.

Vaysberg's films are not well-loved by critics in his native Russia. However, many of his films are successful at the Russian box office, such as Naughty Grandma,[5] Love in the Big City, 8 First Dates, and Not Ideal Man.


Year Film Director Writer Producer imDb Notes
1999 No Vacancy Yes Yes 4.9
2002 May Yes 6.6
2006 The Elder Son Yes Yes 5.7
2008 Hitler Goes Kaput! Yes Yes 3
2009 Love in the Big City Yes Yes 5.8
2010 Love in the Big City 2 Yes Yes Yes 5.6
2012 8 First Dates Yes 6.2
2012 Rzhevsky versus Napoleon Yes 2.7
2014 Love in the Big City 3[6] Yes Yes 5.1
2015 8 New Dates Yes Yes 5.5
2016 8 Best Dates[7] Yes 3.9
2017 Naughty Grandma[8][9] Yes Yes Yes 6.6
2018 Night Shift Yes Yes Yes 5.7
2019 Naughty Grandma 2 Yes Yes Yes 3.1
2020 Not Ideal Man Yes Yes 3.6
2021 Naughty Great Grandma Yes Yes Yes 6.4
TBA About Fate Yes


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