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Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mary Elizabeth Williams is an American writer and commentator. She is a staff writer for the online magazine Salon.[1] She has also written for The New York Times, The Nation, and other publications.[2] As a commentator, she has made appearances on MSNBC, Today, and NBC Nightly News.[2]

In 2009, Williams released a memoir titled Gimme Shelter.[1]

Personal lifeEdit

Mary Elizabeth Williams grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey.[2] She has described herself as a practicing Catholic.[3]

In August 2010, Williams was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and underwent surgery.[4] In August 2011, she was rediagnosed with stage IV melanoma. Later that year, she entered a stage I clinical trial for an experimental immunotherapy cancer drug, with which she had some success.[5] Williams has documented her experiences with cancer on Salon[6] and in her book A Series of Catastrophes and Miracles: A True Story of Love, Science, and Cancer, published in 2016.


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