Mary Ann Liebert

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is a privately held independent publishing company founded by its president, Mary Ann Liebert, in 1980.[2][3] The company publishes peer-reviewed academic journals, books, and trade magazines in the areas of biotechnology, biomedical research/life sciences; clinical medicine, surgery, and nursing; technology and engineering; environmental science; public health and policy; law, regulation, and education.

Mary Ann Liebert
FounderMary Ann Liebert
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationLarchmont, New York[1]
Publication typesAcademic journals, books, and trade magazines
No. of employees100 (2000)[1]

The company's headquarters has been reported differently as New Rochelle, New York and Larchmont, New York.[3][1]

The company has been described as the first to establish a specialty in genetic engineering.[4]


A key focus of the publisher's titles is on niche topics overlooked by larger publishers, with new titles passing company board approval but eschewing traditional market research before starting publication.[1]

The company published more than 60 peer-reviewed journals as of 2000, including:[1][5]

The company's first publication was the Journal of Interferon Research, launched in 1981.[1] A couple of months later, Genetic Engineering News was launched, which by 2000 had a circulation of 50,000.[1] The combined circulation of all titles from the publisher in 2000 was 250,000.[1]

The company's top five publications by revenue as of 2000 were: Genetic Engineering News (50,000), Westchester Wag (50,000), Journal of Women's Health and Gender-Based Medicine (5,000), Human Gene Therapy (2,300), and AIDS Research and Human Retrovirus (2,150).[1] Westchester Wag is an example of Liebert publications outside of medical topics, focusing on the social scene in Westchester County, New York; another example is Rinkmagazine, which focuses on skating and has a circulation of 8,000 as of 2000.[1]

In February 2018, the company launched The CRISPR Journal, a bimonthly journal devoted to publishing research advances and commentary in the field of CRISPR and genome editing.[6]


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