Marvel Super War

Marvel Super War is a free-to-play 3D, third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game by NetEase and Marvel Entertainment.[1] It is in beta both on Android and iOS and is available to download only in selected countries.[2] The game was released in December 2019.

Marvel Super War
Marvel Super War logo.png
Publisher(s)NetEase, FunTap
Platform(s)iOS, Android
  • WW: December 19, 2019
Genre(s)Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

The mobile app was banned in India (along with other Chinese apps) on September 2, 2020 by the government, the move came amid the 2020 China-India skirmish.[3][4]


Marvel Super War is similar to other MOBA games in which players can choose between several game modes. Its main mode is usually the 5v5 game, and the characters consist of 6 classes: Fighter, Energy, Marksman, Assassin, Tank, and Support. Players can go solo or in a group, and each player can select 2 of 10 tactics available in the game to support the selected character.

Players can also use Power Cores, imbued with three supporting cores in which each main core consists of six types of cores; based on the six Infinity Stones. Each Power Core has different results for each player depending on class.

Much like other MOBAs, the main objective of the game is to destroy the enemy base. The game's map is set in Wakanda. Players have 2 meters: green for HP and blue for EP. There are 2 types of buffs: blue and red buff are available in the game to improve the gameplay. In between the area of each team there are 2 entities which will appear after a period of time after the game starts: Avatar of Bast and Surtur. Players can eliminate either or both to give bonus perks to their team. Players can also summon Surtur to attack the enemy base.

An update allows players to summon Galactus by fulfilling the specific limit below the screen. Once the limit is achieved, Galactus will appear and attack turrets and/or the enemy base, which deals damage or even possible to destroy the turret and/or the enemy base. The attack can also deal damage to players if they are caught within the area of the blast. If the enemy base is destroyed by Galactus, a special animation will play for the winning team.

There are 4 different modes within the game. In Rank Mode, players can go solo or in a group depending on the current rank of the players, ordered by Stone Spirit, Superior Silver, Immortal Gold, Magnificent Platinum, Unbeatable Diamond, Invincible Hero, Legendary Master, and Supreme Dominator. in Match & PvE, matches are similar to Rank Mode but players can invite those in their friend list regardless of rank. PvE is a 5v5 player vs Bot/AI mode, which comes in Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties. Free-for-All is similar to match mode with the difference being that the map is linear; players cannot heal at the base and cannot upgrade items unless the player dies. Finally, in Battle for Vibranium, players need to collect Vibranium, which is stored in 3 different cores, and put it in the correct box. Players can collect Vibranium by obtaining it through its respective core, or steal it from the opposing team by eliminating an opponent. The first team which can collect 1000 Vibranium wins.


Characters are obtainable through coins which are collectable by finishing daily quests, or by purchasing Star Credits. Players can also obtain respective characters through the Museum by spending Dark Stars. Characters also have unlockable alternative uniforms. The characters consist of Marvel Universe's heroes and villains and each character has their own class. There are currently 81 playable characters with the latest one announced being Green Goblin. Each character also has a passive skill, and 3-4 active skills with the last skill being the Ultimate skill, with the exception of Thanos and Phoenix as they are Dark Shard characters.

Non-playable Characters
Upcoming Heroes

^a obtainable through collectable Dark Shard/Brilliant Casket ^b appear as obtainable optional announcer in game

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