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Marvel Future Fight is a superhero-themed video game[1] created by Netmarble Games, and is directly affiliated with Marvel Entertainment under Disney, available with many super heroes/villains uniform with their details.

Marvel Future Fight
Marvel Future Fight loading screen.jpg
Loading screen for Marvel Future Fight Captain America: Civil War update
Developer(s)Netmarble Games
Publisher(s)Netmarble Games
Platform(s)iOS, Android
  • WW: April 30, 2015
Genre(s)Action role-playing
Dungeon crawler
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer


The collapse of several dimensions prompts investigations from Thor, Black Bolt, and Black Panther. After battling alternative versions of themselves, they inform Nick Fury, who tells that the player create a team of heroes. Meanwhile, Captain America, Black Widow, and Iron Man defend Stark Tower from an attack by Ultron. In the attack, it is revealed that Stark Industries employee Jemma Simmons is kidnapped by Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM). After she is saved, the heroes encounter alternative versions of many heroes and villains on a search for MODOK. They conclude AIM has built a device to send people between dimensions.

MODOK is defeated and reveals he was researching Ultron by summoning his dimensional alternates before Red Skull stole the dimension transporter. After this event, SHIELD agents begin to be attacked by thugs with advanced weaponry. The group of heroes fight them off and chase after Red Skull and Hydra, who is defeated alongside Ultron. An interdimensional transference device opens between time, and the future versions of themselves appear. They, too are defeated, and a dimensional split occurs.

Jemma Simmons contacts SHIELD to inform that the Helicarrier is under attack by the Inhumans. Daisy Johnson and Phil Coulson lead a team to push them out. Jocasta informs Iron Man that Jemma Simmons has reached Asgard, and that Thor is fighting trolls that had invaded Earth. The team of heroes assist Thor in quelling the invasion, which is revealed to be a red herring in part of Loki's plan to seek the Norn Stones.

Once there they face off against Ymir the frost giant, when he is defeated they learn that Loki has gone deeper into Jötunheim to retrieve the norn stone. The team catch up with Loki where seemingly Amora has betrayed him and taken the norn stone to Muspelheim. The team deduce that Amora seeks to activate the Norn stone with Surtur's help. Arriving in Muspelheim they are confronted by Malekith who is assisting Amora use the norn stones to control the Asgardian Gods. They eventually meet Surtur where they learn that Amora struck a deal with him and has now gone to Asgard. In Asgard Amora charms Fandral, Volstagg, Hogun one by one, and pits them against the heroes. Securing the Odinsword she escapes, beginning Ragnarok with the sword's removal. The Warriors Three are brought back to their senses and join the team against the Ragnarok invasion, Hela and her undead army as well as the Fenris wolf who has come to devour Odin. The All-Father is vulnerable as he is in Odinsleep, the team manage to hold back the invasion just long enough for Odin to awake and be briefed on the situation. Meanwhile, Ymir is back and is attacking Asgard and the team face off against him. On defeating him yet again they learn of his alliance with Jormungand. The team help defeat Jormungand and avert the prophesied death of Thor by his poison. Jormungand reveals to Thor Amora's deal with Surtur to provide him the Odinsword. They track down Amora and try to stop her but she escapes and succeeds in teleporting the sword to Surtur. The team along with Odin track down Surtur and seemingly defeat him only for him to hand over the sword into Odin's hands. Odin then disappears to Midgard (Earth) and the team learn that it was Loki's plan all along and that Surtur has sent Odin to destroy Midgard. The team head back to Earth to stop Odin where they fight to bring Odin back to himself. When the All-Father is back to normal the team inquires of Jemma Simmons. Volstagg assures them she has been taken to a safe place and that Doctor Strange had arrived from one of the dimension rifts.

Doctor Strange explains that Dr. Simmons and he have honed in on an energy signal similar to the convergence device lost in the battle against Ultron. The team believe that it is the Ultimates working to solve the problem of the dimensions collapsing. When they arrive at the Ultimates HQ - The Triskellion, they are confronted by the defense systems drones and a skeptical Black Panther who believes they are from another dimension. After overpowering Black Panther and assuring him of their identity they proceed on to meet Blue Marvel who is working on the device to seal the dimension rifts. Blue Marvel apologizes for the hostile security drones and Black Panther informs them that the means to shut them down lies in the lab at the heart of the Triskelion. Arriving at the lab they are attacked by America Chavez who again believes the heroes are from another dimension. They manage to convince her but soon come to realize that the Triskelion has gone in full lock down. Anti-Man and another dangerous inmate, detained by the Ultimates had escaped containment. They soon confront Anti-Man who is not to happy with Blue Marvel putting him in containment alongside the unknown inmate. The heroes fight Anti-Man and try to subdue him, but he escapes with a warning that the other inmates has plans for him and the heroes too. At this point the team are curious to know who the other inmate is, demanding answers they find it is Thanos, the Mad Titan. With the help of Jemma Simmons the team come up with a means to track Thanos's chronal signature. They trace him to a place in Earth's lower orbit and decide to contact Alpha Flight to intercept. However contact with Alpha Flight is compromised, the Aerolith transportation won't work, and Jocasta finds from their system records that Ebony Maw had been brought to the station prior to this development. With the help of the teleporting abilities of America Chavez they are able to arrive at the Alpha Flight station. They are confronted by Captain Marvel under the mind control of Ebony Maw, and they manage to revert her after defeating her only to find that the new Quasar(Avril Kincaid) is also under mind control and is taking apart the space station. They successfully manage to defeat and break Quasar out of the mind control too. With her cosmic awareness she is able to pinpoint the location of Ebony Maw. Iron Man, using Nano-tech sound dampeners, blocks out Ebony Maw's voice and nullifies his mind control allowing the team to defeat him. However, Thanos was using Ebony Maw as a distraction to lure the heroes away and has returned to the Triskelion. Back there, they are greeted by Anti-Man again on arrival. Hearing Thanos's false promises to Anti-Man for a better future, Tony and Adam Brashear are able to piece together Thanos' true intentions. In order to please Death he intends to use the convergence device to open a rift to the future and destroy reality using the unstable Anti-Man. The heroes are able to defeat and reason with Anti-man bringing him back under control. They then proceed to stop Thanos from opening the rift. A battle ensues and as they are about to beat Thanos, he manages to slip through the rift into an unknown point in the future. The team is forced to follow to stop Thanos from destroying the future.


There are more than 200 playable characters.[citation needed] They are organized into 3 tiers: tier 1 can go up to level 60, tier 2 till level 70, the same for tier 3. They each hold battle types that have advantages over one another except of universal type. A completely mastered character can move to the second tier, although exceptions for some characters exist. Certain characters can have their potential realized and leveled up to 70, subsequently the third tier. The player begins with a party of 3 characters, of which the player controls one. They can be interchanged at any time.

The player's character has a default attack mode which does substantial damage involving repetitive melee/weapon attacks based on the character type chosen. The active character will lock onto a target and continue moving toward it to attack it unless input to behave otherwise. Apart from the default attack mode each character has additional special skills these may be directed attacks, AOE attacks or induce application of buffs or shields and are unique to each character. Each skill comes with a cool down. Skills are either active or passive. An active skill is initiated by the player while passive skills will trigger on specific conditions met during game play. A character will start out with 2 skills initially and gain up to 6 skills as it is ranked up. Apart from the 6 skills each character has an additional Leadership skill unlocked through mastery of the character. This skill is active when the character is in the leadership position of the team. All team members will receive the benefits of the leadership skill for the entire duration of the level. Another skill type called tier-2 skill is unlocked when the character attains tier-2 status. Certain characters start out as automatic tier-2 characters. The player can have a maximum of 5 teams set up. There are also team bonuses, for certain sets of character team combinations. Characters are unlocked and ranked up by obtaining Biometrics, which can be found in certain missions as well as the Game store. Characters can get better upgrade options at higher levels and can be leveled up through character XP. Players are able to customize heroes to their play style through upgrades, such as upgrading skills, gear, and equipping ISO-8. Upgrading skills increases their damage level, upgrading gear improves a specific trait of the hero, like HP or Attack Speed, and equipping ISO-8 sets provides varying buffs and traits. In the various stores, in addition to Biometrics, players can also buy chests, energy, clear tickets, ISO-8, Biometric packages, and other supplies. Certain stores require tokens while the Game store require either gems or real currency. The Uniform Store and S.H.I.E.L.D. Lab mini-store require gems and gold.[citation needed] A update added Tier-3 to the mix, as various characters, starting off with the likes of Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man, and then being expanded to 15 other characters, have been placed into play. As of September 2019, these characters can be upgraded to Tier-3 through "breaking a limit" which allows the character to reach level 70 through continuous usages of materials gained through the world bosses. Furthermore, one has to upgrade the gears of the characters to 25 from its original 20, which used to be the maximum. The materials to upgrade the gears to 25 can be gained through playing another newly added feature called "World Boss Ultimate" which shows the previous world bosses (Thanos and the Black Order) wearing their uniforms for the Avengers Infinity War. By gaining tier 3, characters gain a 6th active skill, which requires charging to 100% in order to use. Players can buy additional upgrades, gear, comic cards, and consumables through shops. Players can rank up without gaining additional experience with Rank-Up Tickets.

There are various game modes that are available to the player that require the price of energy. Mainline missions involve the plot and daily missions allow for the gaining of extra rewards that can be used in game. Special Missions and Epic Quests allow for the unlocking of characters through challenges and side stories. Dimension Rift missions allow for the collection of upgrades for characters. The Danger Room from the X-Men have been added to the game. Competitive modes hold battles against players, but co-op play is available with the benefit of gaining large rewards.

Playable charactersEdit

Marvel Future Fight currently features 200 playable characters as of September 9, 2019.[2][3] Playable characters can be both tier-one or tier-two, and can be ranked and mastered from 1★ to 6★, through biometrics and Norn Stones respectively. A fully geared, leveled, and mastered 6★ character unlocks the ability to advance it to Tier-2, except in the case of Black Order characters, Doctor Strange, Odin, and Dormammu obtained with Tier-2 status. Most character biometrics are obtainable through Story and Special Missions, others can only be obtained via Event Quests, World Boss Raids, BattleWorld, Token Shops, Chests, Dimension Shifters, Dimension Rifts, and Monthly Bonus Deals. In the case of Erik Killmonger, Quasar (Avril Kincaid), Valkyrie, Spider-Man 2099, Agent Venom, Kid Kaiju, Ironheart, Enchantress, Carnage, Hyperion, Luna Snow, Ghost Panther, Ghost, Nick Fury and Pepper Potts these characters are available through Monthly Bonus Deals and the Premium Hero Chest. Likewise X-23, Colossus, Magik, Weapon Hex, Gambit, Juggernaut, Jubilee, and Kitty Pryde are acquirable via the Mutant Monthly Bonus Deals.

New game mode Danger Room features special pack to obtain Rachel Summers to speed up to Tier-2, also to obtain Quentin Quire by RNG.

Native Tier-2 Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Deapdool, Mister Fantastic, the Age of Apocalypse characters and all Black Order World Boss characters are not obtainable via Monthly Bonus Deals and are obtained in the respective modes only. The character Dormammu is obtainable through a Special Missions quest pack. When the player completes a mission, the player earns experience to allow their character to level up.

Each character is assigned to one of four primary Battle types: Blast, Combat, Speed and Universal. Each type has an advantage in the cyclical order Combat > Speed > Blast, similar to a Rock-paper-scissors format. The fourth Universal type has a balanced type advantage against the other types and is generally applicable to characters with alien or cosmic powers. Characters with type advantage against the opponents gains increased damage which is visible in Yellow while those lower in advantage have lesser damage visible in Grey. Rank and mastery levels also increase the damage of the characters, with rank and mastery taking precedence over type. Apart from the basic character types characters also have secondary type characteristics such as Hero, Villain, Male and Female. These types restrict the use of characters in Shadowlands and Alliance Battles. There are other descriptors for characters of significance with the introduction of the X-Men, biometrics for these characters called X-genes are available for only the species designated Mutant. A distinct Tier-2 symbol for mutant characters also exists to differentiate the materials M'kraan Shards, M'kraan Crystals, Phoenix Feathers required to gain Tier-2 status or upgrade mutant native Tier-2 characters.

Characters can get additional bonus effects by equipping uniforms and upgrading them. Certain uniforms provide entire new skill sets and also change the type of the character (which can be primary and/or secondary). Uniforms of popular characters based both on Marvel Cinematic Universe and popular Marvel Universe versions appear in the game.


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Marvel: Future Fight was released on April 30, 2015 for iOS and Android. It was developed by Netmarble Games, creators of titles such as Star Wars: Force Arena, Seven Knights, Raven (Evilbane in the U.S.) and Everybody's Marble. Marvel worked closely with Netmarble to establish the various character backgrounds, appearances and traits. The storyline for the game was penned by best-selling Marvel comics writer Peter David.[6]

Netmarble's Marvel: Future Fight surpassed 50 million downloads two years after it first launched. 20 million of these downloads came from Asia, 10 million from North America and Europe, 6 million from South America and 2.9 million in the Middle East.[citation needed]

Over one billion Dimension Rifts have been cleared in the game. Players have also earned $166 trillion worth of in-game gold.[7] As of May 2018, the game had over 70 million players.[8] Marvel: Future Fight has been described as a dungeon crawler.[by whom?]

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