Martyr's Memorial B-Division League

Martyr's Memorial 'B' Division League (Nepali: शहीद स्मारक बी डिभिजन लीग) is the second tier association football league of Nepal football league system after the Martyr's Memorial A-Division League. It is run by the All Nepal Football Association.

Martyr's Memorial B-Division League
Number of teams14
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toMartyr's Memorial A-Division League
Relegation toMartyr's Memorial C-Division League
Current championsSatdobato Youth Club
Most championshipsBrigade Boys Club
(2 titles)
TV partnersMycujoo


The league is formatted as a single round-robin tournament with the top team getting promoted to the Martyr's Memorial A-Division League and the bottom two teams relegated to the Martyr's Memorial C-Division League. This structure has not remained constant however as the league structure is changed every year by the All Nepal Football Association.

Current teamsEdit

The following clubs will compete in the B-Division League during the 2021 season.

Club Previous season Location
Birgunj United Club 2nd in C-Division (promoted) Birgunj
Nayabasti Youth Club 7th Gokarneshwar
Samajik Youth Club 3rd in C-Division (promoted)
Bansbari Club 3rd Kathmandu
Church Boys United 1st in C-Division (promoted)
Ranipokhari Corner Team 9th
Saraswati Youth Club 14 in A-Division (relegated)
Shree Kumari Club 8th
Boys Union Club 4th Lalitpur
Jhamsikhel Youth Club 11th
Khumaltar Youth Club 2nd
Tushal Youth Club 10th
Madhyapur Youth Association 5th Madhyapur Thimi
Shree Bhagwati Club 6th Tokha

Previous SeasonsEdit

Season Champions Promoted Relegated
2003-04[1] Brigade Boys Club Brigade Boys Club
Mahabir Youth Club
Bansbari Club
Sankata Club 'B'
2004 Machhindra Bahal Club Machhindra Bahal Club
Boudha Football Club
Naxal Youth Alliance
2006[2] Saraswati Youth Club Saraswati Youth Club No relegations
2008[3] Swoyambhu Youth Club Swoyambhu Youth Club
Himalayan Sherpa Club
Bansbari Club
Koilapani Polestar Club
No Relegations
2011[4] Sankata BSC Sankata BSC
Madhyapur Youth Association
Gyanbhairab Club
Sanogaucharan Youth Club
Boys Sports Club
Kumari Youth Club
2013[5] Boys Union Club Boys Union Club Kathmandu Club
2014[6] Brigade Boys Club Brigade Boys Club Birgunj Youth Academy Club
Boudha Football Club
2016[7] Chyasal Youth Club Chyasal Youth Club

New Road Team

Samajik Youth Club

Mahabir Youth Club

2019 Ranipokhari Corner Team No Promotions No Relegations
2020 Satdobato Youth Club Satdobato Youth Club Pulchowk Sports Club

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