Martin of Arades

Saint Martin of Arades, also called Martin of Corbie (died on 26 November 726 in Saint-Priest-sous-Aixe[1]), was a canonized monk from Corbie Abbey, whose feast day is November 26 in both the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Church.[2]

Martin of Arades
Martin of Corbie
Died26 November 726[1]
Venerated inCatholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church[2]
Major shrineSaint-Priest-sous-Aixe[1]
Feast26 November[2]
PatronageAixe-sur-Vienne, Saint-Priest-sous-Aixe, gout[3]

He was the chaplain and confessor of the Frankish Mayor of the Palace Charles Martel.[4] He died in Saint-Priest-sous-Aixe and was buried there.[1] He is the patron saint of gout.[1]


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