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Gramsci Melodic is an alternative rock band based in Pittsburgh, PA.[1]

Gramsci Melodic performing at Diesel (Pittsburgh, PA) 9-13-2008

The band was started in 2006 by singer/guitarist Martin Rubeo. Other members include Joel York (synthesizers/programming), Sean Rayl (drums), Greg Haduch (keyboards), and Tony Willoe (bass/vocals). In 2009, Eric Granata started to perform at some shows with the band, playing guitar and percussion.

The band won the 2008 Joker Productions Rock Off and recorded its first full-length album with Grammy Award winning producers at Audible Images. The band features guitar, bass, piano, drums, and synthesizers. The band was ranked as Pittsburgh's #2 Best Underground Band and #3 Best Rock Band by The Pittsburgh City Paper in 2008.[2] In 2009, Gramsci Melodic was named #3 Best Rock Band by The Pittsburgh City Paper.[3]

The band released its self-titled, debut album in June, 2009.[4]

Their music has been described as "simple and upbeat rock," "driving synth rock," "'70s funk" with "eclectronica," and similar to Fountains of Wayne, They Might Be Giants, and Weezer.[5]

Gramsci Melodic is known to travel with its own mascot, a dancing character with an oversized green head.[5]

About the nameEdit

The name is pronounced, "GROM-SHE". The band is named[6] after Italian philosopher, Antonio Gramsci.[1] Rubeo is said to "like to drop knowledge on radical cultural theory in his spare time,"[6] thus providing insight into the origin of the band's name.


Founder, Martin Rubeo is a native of the Pittsburgh suburb of Peters Township and an alumnus of Bucknell University (class of 2001) where he was a student of post-minimalist composer, William Duckworth.[7] In addition to studying music, Rubeo also received his undergraduate degree in Political Science.[8] He also is a certified high school history teacher.[9]

Joel York, who plays and programs synthesizers for the band, is originally from Bradford, United Kingdom.[10] The other four members are all natives of Pittsburgh.[10]

Stephen Dusenberry, who played drums for the band on 2011, is a graduate of Berklee School of Music.

Rubeo is the primary composer and lyricist for the band, although each member adapts his own part.[11]

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