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Martial law in Ukraine

Martial law in Ukraine (10 regions shown in red)

Martial law in Ukraine (Ukrainian: Воєнний стан в Україні) was a period of martial law introduced by presidential decree of November 26, 2018[1] in 10 regions of Ukraine[2] from 14:00 local time for 30 days on with the aim of strengthening the defense of Ukraine against the background of increasing tension with Russia.[3][4] This happened after the incident in the Kerch Strait.[5][6] Martial law was ended after 30 days.[7]

Initially President Poroshenko signed a decree for the martial law within the whole Ukraine for 60 days, however after 5 hours of deliberations, a less restrictive version was signed into the law by an emergency session of Verkhovna Rada.[8]

During the martial law (and starting on 30 November 2018) Ukraine banned all Russian men between 16 and 60 from entering the country for the period of the martial law with exceptions for humanitarian purposes.[9] Ukraine claimed this was a security measure to prevent Russia from forming units of “private” armies on Ukrainian soil.[10] According to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine 1,650 Russian citizens were refused entry into Ukraine from November 26 to December 26, 2018.[11] On 27 December 2018 the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine announced that it had extended "the restrictive measures of the State Border Guard Service regarding the entry of Russian men into Ukraine.”[12]


Martial law areasEdit

The affected territories are located along the Russia-Ukraine border, along the part of the Moldova–Ukraine border which runs along the unrecognised state of Transnistria (where Russian peacekeeping troops are present), and at the coasts of the Black and Azov Seas. The Ukrainian internal waters of the Azov–Kerch aquatory are also subject to the martial law.[8][13]

along the border with the unrecognised state of Transnistria
along the coast of the Black and Azov Seas
along the Russia-Ukraine border


Despite public support, Poroshenko's decision was criticized because it occurred during the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election, which might be affected by the restrictions to the Constitution by the martial law (item 3 of the martial law decree).[14]

On the other hand, it has been criticized as being too late, because before the Kerch Strait incident several significantly more serious military incidents did occur since the 2014 Russian military intervention in Ukraine.[15] Critics associate the timing with Poroshenko's pre-election political ambitions, since his ratings for the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election fell very low.[16] Concern was also expressed that the martial law would affect international aid payments.

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