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The Marsh Award for OrnithologyEdit


For an ornithologist who is making a significant contribution to the field, typically someone who gained a PhD between ten and twenty years prior to the award being made.

The Marsh Local Ornithology AwardEdit


For a bird club or group that publishes a book, completes a study or conducts any other exceptional activity in the preceding calendar year that advances knowledge about birds.

The Marsh Award for Innovative OrnithologyEdit

Introduced in 2012[1] to celebrate:[1]

an important contribution which takes forward our understanding of avian ecology or conservation science

The Marsh Award for International OrnithologyEdit

Introduced in 2013 and awarded to:[3]

an individual scientist whose work on the international stage has had significant influence on British ornithology, especially as reflected in the work of BTO scientists and volunteers

The Marsh Award for Young OrnithologistEdit

Introduced in 2015 and awarded to:[3]

an individual (or group of people) under the age of 18 who has/have made a significant contribution to BTO bird monitoring schemes and shared this information with their peers


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