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Mark Taylor (born in Windsor, England)[1] is a British record producer and songwriter. He has worked with artists such as Tina Turner,[2] Lady Gaga,[3] Nelly Furtado,[4] Lionel Richie,[5] Hall & Oates,[6] Cher,[7] Rod Stewart,[8] Belinda Carlisle,[9] Daniel Bedingfield,[10] Ronan Keating,[11] Enrique Iglesias,[12] Britney Spears,[13] James Morrison,[14]Kylie Minogue,[15] Jennifer Lopez.[16] Taylor worked on Cher's 1998 album Believe, which won a Grammy for its title track.[17][18][19][20] The album went on to sell over 20 million copies worldwide.[21] The song "Believe" featured an early example of the vocal effect Auto tune.[22]

Songwriting and Production CreditsEdit

Title Year Artist Album Songwriter Producer
Primary Secondary Additional Vocal
"Believe" 1998 Cher Believe  Y
"Runway"  Y  Y
"All or Nothing"  Y  Y
"Strong Enough"  Y  Y
"Dov'è l'amore"  Y  Y
"Takin' Back My Heart"  Y
"Now That You're Gone" 1999 Mike + the Mechanics M6  Y
"When the Heartache Is Over" Tina Turner Twenty Four Seven  Y
"Don't Leave Me This Way"  Y  Y
"Viva La Musica" 2000 Gipsyland Viva La Musica  Y
"Torito"  Y
"Ana Maria"  Y
"La Bodega"  Y
"La Quiero, No, No"  Y
"La Droga"  Y
"Me Siento Triste"  Y
"Cantame Gitano"  Y
"Mama"  Y
"Me Va Me Va"  Y
"Amigo De Verdad"  Y
"Ole Ola"  Y
"Santa Sarah"  Y
"Hang On in There Baby" Curiosity Back to Front  Y
"Gimme the Sunshine"  Y
"Could I Have This Kiss Forever"
(with Enrique Iglesias)
Whitney Houston Whitney: The Greatest Hits  Y
"On a Night Like This" Kylie Minogue Light Years  Y  Y
"Angel" Lionel Richie Renaissance  Y  Y
"Tender Heart"  Y
"Just Can't Say Goodbye"  Y  Y
"Here is My Heart"  Y  Y
"Don't Stop the Music"  Y  Y
"Livin' for Love" Natalie Cole The Greatest Hits, Vol. 1  Y
"Hero" 2001 Enrique Iglesias Escape  Y  Y
"Chain Reaction" Steps Gold: Greatest Hits  Y
"E Sara' A Settembre (Someone Like You)" Andrea Bocelli Cieli di Toscana  Y
"L' Incontro"
(featuring Bono)
"L'Ultimo Re"  Y
"Love to See You Cry" Enrique Iglesias Escape  Y  Y
"One Night Stand"  Y  Y
"She Be the One"  Y  Y
"Heroe"  Y  Y
"Surrender" 2002 Laura Pausini From the Inside  Y
"If You're Not the One" Daniel Bedingfield Gotta Get Thru This  Y
"Honest Questions"  Y
"Never Gonna Leave Your Side"  Y
"Miss America" Nick Carter Now or Never  Y  Y
"To Love a Woman"
(featuring Enrique Iglesias)
Lionel Richie Encore  Y
"Breathe on Me" 2003 Britney Spears In the Zone  Y
"Turn It On Again" Ronan Keating Turn It On  Y
"She Gets Me Inside"  Y
"First Time"  Y  Y
"Let Her Down Easy"  Y
"She Believes (In Me)"  Y
"The Best of Me"  Y
"Hold You Now"  Y  Y
"I Wouldn't Change a Thing"  Y  Y
"Batcha Never" 2004 Cherie Cherie  Y
"I Belong"  Y
"Never Gone" 2005 Backstreet Boys Never Gone  Y
"Unbelievable" Craig David The Story Goes...  Y  Y
"All Over Again"
(featuring Kate Rusby)
2006 Ronan Keating Bring You Home  Y
"Friends in Time"  Y
"This I Promise You"  Y  Y
"Iris"  Y
"Superman"  Y
"It's So Easy Lovin' You"  Y
"Bring You Home"  Y  Y
"Hello Again"  Y
"Just When I'd Given Up Dreaming"  Y
"(We Just Need) Time"  Y
"So Far Away"  Y  Y
"Little Girl" 2007 Enrique Iglesias Insomniac  Y  Y
"Don't You Forget About Me"  Y  Y
"You Make It Real" 2008 James Morrison Songs for You, Truths for Me  Y
"Broken Strings"
(featuring Nelly Furtado)
"Nothing Ever Hurt Like You"  Y  Y
"3 Little Words" Frankmusik Complete Me  Y
"The First Thing" 2009 Esmée Denters Outta Here  Y  Y
"When You're Around" Frankmusik Complete Me  Y
"Standing Tears Apart" Remi Nicole Cupid Shoot Me  Y
"Cupid Shoot Me"  Y
"In My Dreams"  Y
"Nice Boy"  Y
"Loveless"  Y
"Another Day"  Y
"Broken Hearted People"  Y
"Come Find Me"  Y
"Going It Alone"  Y
"I'll Be Waiting"  Y
"Love Me So"  Y
"I Don't Know How"  Y
(featuring Nicole Scherzinger)
2010 Enrique Iglesias Euphoria  Y  Y
"Welcome to Burlesque"
(with Cher)
Christina Aguilera Burlesque: OST  Y
"You Haven't Seen the Last of Me"
(with Cher)
"Don't Say Goodbye" Olly Murs Olly Murs  Y  Y
"Heartbreaker" 2011 Enrique Iglesias Euphoria  Y  Y
"Coming Home"  Y  Y
"I Won't Let You Go" James Morrison The Awakening  Y
(featuring Jessie J)
"Glitter & Gold" Rebecca Ferguson Heaven  Y
"Love & Hate" 2012 Marcus Collins Marcus Collins  Y  Y
"That's Just Life"  Y  Y
"Buildings and Treetops" Nell Bryden Non-album single  Y
"White and Black" 2013 Josh Kumra Good Things Come to Those
Who Wait
"Take It Like a Man" Cher Closer to the Truth  Y
"My Love"  Y
"Dressed to Kill"  Y  Y
"Lovers Forever"  Y
"Sirens"  Y  Y
"I Hope You Find It"  Y
"That's Alright with Me" Olly Murs Right Place Right Time  Y  Y
(with Kylie Minogue)
2014 Enrique Iglesias Sex and Love / Kiss
Me Once
 Y  Y
"Only a Woman" Sex and Love  Y  Y
"Always" 2015 Ella Eyre Feline  Y  Y
"I Need You Tonight" James Morrison Higher Than Here  Y  Y
"Sticks and Stones" 2017 Nelly Furtado The Ride  Y  Y
"Phoenix"  Y
"Bliss"  Y
"The Letter" Mike + the Mechanics Let Me Fly  Y  Y
"I'll Be There for You"  Y  Y
"Raining Glitter" 2018 Kylie Minogue Golden  Y  Y
"Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" Cher Dancing Queen  Y
"SOS"  Y
"One of Us"  Y
"Dancing Queen"  Y
"The Name of the Game"  Y
"Waterloo"  Y
"Mamma Mia"  Y
"Chiquitita"  Y
"Fernando"  Y
"The Winner Takes It All"  Y


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