Mark Higgins (strength athlete)

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Mark Higgins (born 16 May 1963)[1] was one of the world's leading strongman competitors, having won the World Strongman Challenge on two occasions, and was the British Muscle Power Champion on four occasions. Previously, he was an international discus thrower and had been a sailor and basketball player at a high level.

Mark Higgins
Mark Higgins

(1963-05-16) 16 May 1963 (age 59)
Height6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)
Competition record
Representing  United Kingdom
World Muscle Power Championships
2nd 1986
2nd 1990
World Strongman Challenge
1st 1989
1st 1990
World's Strongest Team
1st 1987
2nd 1988
3rd 1989
Le Defi Mark Ten International
1st 1992
1st 1991
1st 1990
2nd 1987
3rd 1986
European Muscle Power Championship
1st 1987
Representing  England
Britain's Strongest Man
2nd 1988
British Muscle Power Championship
1st 1988
1st 1990
1st 1991
1st 1992

Sporting careerEdit

Mark was renowned as a great all-rounder. Mark Higgins threw the discus internationally for Great Britain. His best performance was a creditable 50.80m in a meet in Solihull on 13 Aug 1990, although this placed him well down the all-time British list.[1] In addition to this, he was an international basketball player, a champion powerlifter and was also selected to travel with the British sailing team to Australia for the America's Cup.[2]

Standing at 6’9", and weighing 364 pounds, Mark Higgins was the biggest international strongman produced by Britain. His competitive era ran concurrently with that of Jamie Reeves. Thus, despite attaining a career high of winning back-to-back World Strongman Challenge titles in 1989 and 1990, he was still considered Britain's number two man,[2] Jamie Reeves being the winner of the World's Strongest Man. Together, they were the runners-up in the World's Strongest Team competition of 1988, which he had previously won with Geoff Capes in 1987.

In addition he had podium finishes in the World Muscle Power Championships and was a multiple winner of the highly regarded Le Defi Mark Ten International.[3]


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