Mark E. Curry

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Mark E. Curry (born February 13, 1968) is an American financial technology entrepreneur and philanthropist. Curry is the CEO of SOL Partners, and the founder Executive Pride and the Mark E. Curry Family Foundation. In December 2016, Curry acquired the Puerto Rican newspaper NotiCel.

Mark Curry speaking at San Jorge Children's Foundation.

Early lifeEdit

Curry was born in Tonganoxie, Kansas, and his parents were a school teacher and a railroad clerk.[1] He received a bachelor's degree in marketing from Rockhurst University in 1991 and his MBA from Baker University in 1993.[1] Curry came out as openly gay in 2009.[2]


Curry founded Geneva Roth as his first company, naming it after a shell company from the movie Wall Street.[3][4][5] Curry and the company were named in a Kansas City Star article for the high rates of interest charged. [6]

In 2010, Curry founded the a professional services company, the MacFarlane Group. In October 2016, the Otoe-Missouria Tribe, an American Indian tribe in Oklahoma, announced its acquisition of the company.[7][8]

Mark Curry is the president and CEO of SOL Partners, which was founded in 2012 and provides strategic management and information technology consulting services to financial services companies.[9][1]


Mark Curry is the founder of Executive Pride, a network of executives supporting LGBT rights. In a 2016 Huffington Post commentary, Curry described how his experience coming out shaped his experiences as a business owner and manager, stating, "It is imperative that executives and business owners, particularly those who are part of the LGBT community, conscientiously create an LBGT-friendly environment in corporate America."[2] After the 2016 Orlando night club shooting, Executive Pride donated $30,000 to the GoFundMe set up to support the victims of the Pulse shooting.[10][11][12]

Curry founded the Mark E. Curry Family Foundation in 2015, which hosts an annual "Club Curry" fundraising gala to benefit a selected grantee; the 2016 gala benefitted the San Jorge Children's Foundation in Puerto Rico.[13][11][14]


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