Mario Caldato Jr.

Mario Caldato Jr. (born February 24, 1961)[citation needed], also known as Mario C., is a Brazilian-American record producer and studio engineer best known for his work with Beastie Boys and Jack Johnson in the US, and with Marcelo D2 and Seu Jorge in Brazil. He is the winner of three Latin Grammys to date, along with several nominations and multi-platinum and gold records to his credit.

Mario Caldato Jr.
Mario Caldato Jr.jpg
Background information
Also known asMario C.
Born (1961-02-24) February 24, 1961 (age 60)
São Paulo, Brazil
Occupation(s)Producer, engineer, mixer
InstrumentsKeyboards, bass, drum programming and Efx
Associated actsBeastie Boys,
Jack Johnson,
Marcelo D2,
Seu Jorge


Born in São Paulo, Brazil,[citation needed] Mario Caldato Jr. is the son of Italian father Mario, Sr. and Brazilian mother Guiomar.[citation needed] In 1963 Mario and his family moved to the United States, settling in Los Angeles.[citation needed] As a young boy, Caldato received a Sears Silvertone organ as a gift from his father, and then a piano a few years later. Soon after he began taking classical music lessons. These lessons came to an abrupt end when he was slapped by his teacher for not practicing. The incident did not however deter Caldato's budding interest in pop music. He was further inspired by a 1970 performance by Duke Ellington at El Camino College in Torrance, California.

As a teenager Caldato played keyboards and percussion in various local bands including Soul Sticks, Wake, Sa-Fire, Phaze, Phaze II, and The Jungle Bugs. In 1979 he purchased a cassette deck and recorded the band of his friend "Money" Mark Nishita at Harbor College in Wilmington CA. After building a home recording studio with Nishita and then visiting Jamaica for 1983's Reggae Sunsplash Festival, he then produced The Jungle Bugs' 7" single and then an EP for Alice I Wonder with the help of Brian "Sly" Foxworthy.

In 1985, Caldato started a PA and DJ rental company with Mike Nishita, brother of "Money" Mark Nishita. A year later he met DJ Matt Dike at legendary downtown L.A. nightclub Power Tools. At Dike's request, Caldato built a recording studio in Dike's Hollywood apartment, transforming a closet into a vocal booth. It was at Dike's home studio that Caldato engineered and helped co-produce Tone Loc and Young MC's hit singles and albums for Dike and Mike Ross' label Delicious Vinyl. It was also at Dike's apartment that Caldato first met the New York rap group Beastie Boys and the duo the Dust Brothers.

Work with Beastie Boys / Grand RoyalEdit

In 1988-89 Caldato engineered the Beastie Boys second album Paul's Boutique. Caldato is visible in footage of the album's release party atop the Capitol Records building. Deemed a commercial failure at the time, Paul's Boutique is now considered an unimpeachable cult classic. The album began Caldato's long-term professional association with Beastie Boys, co-producing their multi-platinum classics Check Your Head, Ill Communication and Hello Nasty. His name became well-known to Beastie fans via the shout-outs "that's a record 'cause of Mario" on the song "Root Down", "Mario C likes to keep it clean!" on the hit single "Intergalactic", "Ed Norton is chillin' with Mario" and "Me and Ad and Adam and the Mario C" on the song "Three MC's and One DJ"[1] and "at the boards is the man they call Mario" on Sure Shot. During his early association with the Beastie Boys, Caldato also produced DJ Hurricane's 1st album The Hurra for Grand Royal. With Adam Horovitz, he produced two albums for the hardcore punk band D.F.L. for Grand Royal. Caldato also toured extensively worldwide with Beastie Boys during Check Your Head and Ill Communication mixing their sound live (sometimes in a quadrophonic setting), his style inspired in part by legendary dub reggae pioneers King Tubby and Lee "Scratch" Perry.

Work with other artists in North America / Europe / AustraliaEdit

Caldato's long-standing friendship with Money Mark has resulted in Mario's engineering, producing and mixing much of Mark's solo output, including the albums Push The Button (Mo' Wax, 1998), Change Is Coming (Emperor Norton, 2001), and Brand New By Tomorrow (Brushfire, 2007). Caldato has also produced three Jack Johnson albums On & On, In Between Dreams and Johnson's fourth Billboard Number One album From Here to Now to You. He has also worked with Beck, Björk, Blur, Cibo Matto, The Cult, Day One, Los Lobos & John Lee Hooker, Manu Chao, Mother Tongue's self-titled debut, Molotov, Super Furry Animals, Gruff Rhys, The John Butler Trio and Yoko Ono. In 2008, he mixed the self-titled debut EP of One Day as a Lion, a project comprising Zack de la Rocha (of Rage Against the Machine) and Jon Theodore (previously of The Mars Volta).[2] In 2008, he produced the 2nd album of Joseph d'Anvers, a talented French songwriter, called Les Jours Sauvages, featuring appearances by Money Mark, Vanessa da Mata, Moreno Veloso and Kassin & Domenico. In 2012 he mixed the debut by Kids These Days, "Traphouse Rock," recorded by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy.[3] Also produced Ethan Tucker debut LP 2015, also Mala Vita, So Far So Good LP from Holland 2016, Willie Bobo Dig my Feeling LP and Con Brio debut LP Paradise in 2016 from San Francisco.

Work with artists in South AmericaEdit

The Portuguese-speaking Caldato spends significant time in Brasil, where his personal heritage infuses his music projects. He has produced many Brazilian artists, including Planet Hemp, Marcelo D2, Seu Jorge, Nação Zumbi, Bebel Gilberto, Marisa Monte, Vanessa da Mata, and Mallu Magalhães. In 2008 he mixed the debut album of the Argentinian group Banda de Turistas titled Magico Corazon Radiofonico, one of the new revelations of the Latin scene. In 2010 Caldato mixed and co-produced the Seu Jorge and Almaz self-titled album released by Now-Again Records. Caldato organized, recorded and produced a charitable album with Anglo-Brazilian collaboratory supergroup, The Bottletop Band. In 2014 he was responsible for mixing Criolo second album Convoque seu Buda and also Filipe Ret, Revel LP and Ana Cañas To Na Vida LP in 2015. Also produced Aymoréco debut LP 2016, Santiago Cruz, Trenes, Aviones y Viajes Interplanetarios LP from Colombia, also mixed Alvinho Lancellotti, Canto de Marajó LP and FingerFingerrr, MAR LP in 2016.

Production, mixing, and engineering credits for LPs and EPsEdit

  • 1989 Tone Lōc (Loc'ed after Dark) eng, mix
  • 1989 Young MC (Stone Cold Rhymin') eng, mix
  • 1989 Def Jef (Just a Poet with Soul) eng, mix
  • 1989 Beastie Boys (Paul’s Boutique) eng, mix
  • 1992 Beastie Boys (Check Your Head) co-prod w/ Beastie Boys, eng, mix
  • 1994 Beastie Boys (Ill Communication) co-prod w/ Beastie Boys, eng, mix
  • 1994 D.F.L. (My Crazy Life) EP prod, eng, mix
  • 1994 Mother Tongue (Mother Tongue) prod, eng, mix
  • 1994 Pure (Some other kind of Meat) mix
  • 1995 Beastie Boys (Aglio e Olio) EP co-prod w/ Beastie Boys, eng, mix
  • 1995 D.F.L. Proud to be mix
  • 1995 DJ Hurricane (The Hurra) prod, eng, mix
  • 1996 Beastie Boys (The In Sounds from Way Out) co-prod w/ Beastie Boys, eng, mix
  • 1997 Planet Hemp (Os Caes Ladram mas a Caravana nao Para)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 1998 Beastie Boys (Hello Nasty) co-prod w/ Beastie Boys, eng, mix
  • 1998 Money Mark 1/2 of (Push the Button) prod, eng, mix
  • 1998 Tejo Beat various Portuguese artists Blasted Mechanism, Boss AC, Cool Hipnoise, Da Weasel, Ithaka, Primitive Reason(Tejo Beat)[4] 🇵🇹 prod, eng, mix
  • 1999 1000 Clowns (Freelance Bubble Head) mix
  • 1999 Arno 1/2 of (European Cowboy/a Poil Commercial) prod, eng, mix
  • 1999 Beastie Boys (The Sounds of Science Anthology) co-prod w/ Beastie Boys, eng, mix
  • 1999 Hot Sauce Johnson (Truck Stop Jug Hop) mix
  • 1999 Molotov (Apocalypshit) prod, mix
  • 1999 Nawfel (Nawfel)🇫🇷 mix
  • 2000 Day One (Ordinary Man) prod, eng, mix
  • 2000 Morgan 1/2 of (Organized) co-prod w/ Morgan, mix
  • 2000 Mundo Livre S/A (Por Pouco)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2000 Planet Hemp (A Invasao do Sagaz Homem Fumaca) prod, eng, mix
  • 2000 Silmarils (Vegas 76)🇫🇷 prod, mix
  • 2001 Money Mark (Change is Coming) mix
  • 2001 Planet Hemp (MTV ao Vivo)🇧🇷 prod, mix
  • 2001 Scapegoat Wax 1/2 of (Okeeblow/SWAX) prod, mix
  • 2002 Mother Tongue (Streetlight) mix
  • 2002 Seu Jorge (Samba Esporte Fino/Carolina)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2003 Jack Johnson (On & On) prod, mix
  • 2003 Marcelo D2 (A Procura da Batida Perfeita)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2003 Super Furry Animals (Phantom Power) mix
  • 2004 Donavon Frankenreiter (Donavon Frankenreiter) co-prod w/ Jack Johnson, eng, mix
  • 2004 G Love (The Hustle) prod, eng, mix
  • 2004 Marcelo D2 (MTV Acustico)🇧🇷 prod, mix
  • 2005 Beastie Boys 1/2 of (Solid Gold) co-prod w/ Beastie Boys, eng, mix
  • 2005 Day One (Probably Art) prod, eng, mix
  • 2005 Jack Johnson (In Between Dreams) prod, mix
  • 2005 Super Furry Animals (Lovekraft) prod, eng, mix
  • 2006 Marcelo D2 (Meu Samba e Assim)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2006 Marisa Monte (Universo ao Meu Redor)🇧🇷 co-prod w/ Marisa, eng, mix
  • 2006 Willie Bobo (Lost and Found) mix
  • 2007 Gruff Rhys (Candylion) add-prod, mix
  • 2007 John Butler Trio (Grand National) 🇦🇺 prod, eng, mix
  • 2007 Manu Chao (La Radiolina) 🇫🇷🇪🇸 eng, mix
  • 2007 Money Mark (Brand New by Tomorrow) prod, eng, mix
  • 2007 Nação Zumbi (Fume de Tudo)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2007 Nawfel (The War of Sound)🇫🇷 mix
  • 2007 Orquestra Imperial (Carnaval so Ano Que Vem)🇧🇷 co-prod w/ Kassin & Berna, eng, mix
  • 2007 Vanessa da Mata (Sim)🇧🇷 co-prod w/ Kassin, eng, mix
  • 2008 Banda de Turistas (Magico Corazon Radiofonico) 🇦🇷 mix
  • 2008 Chico Cesar (Francisco Forro y Frevo)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2008 Dirty Heads (Any Port in a Storm) mix
  • 2008 Joseph d Anvers (Les Jours Sauvages)🇫🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2008 Mallu Magalhaes (Mallu Magalhaes)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2008 Marcelo D2 (Arte do Barulho)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2008 One Day as a Lion (One Day as a Lion) EP eng, mix
  • 2008 Salsedo (Wine and Pasta)🇫🇷 co-prod w/ David mix
  • 2009 Ana Carolina 1/2 of (Nove)🇧🇷 co-prod w/ Kassin, eng, mix
  • 2009 Brothers of Brazil (Punkanova)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2009 Manaca (Manaca)🇧🇷 prod, mix
  • 2009 Marcio Local (Sem Nenhum Problema/Márcio Local Says Don Day ...)🇧🇷 prod, mix
  • 2009 The Slew (100%) mix
  • 2009 Vanessa da Mata (Multishow ao Vivo)🇧🇷 co-prod w/ Kassin, mix
  • 2010 Bombolessé (Movimento) mix
  • 2010 Flobots (Survival Story) prod, mix
  • 2010 Seu Jorge and Almaz (Seu Jorge and Almaz)🇧🇷 co-prod w/ Almaz, eng, mix
  • 2010 Vanessa da Mata (Bicicletas, Bolos e Outras Alegrias)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2011 Bambas Dois (Bambas Dois)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2011 The Bottetop Band (Dream Service) prod, eng, mix
  • 2011 Charlotte OC’Conner (For Kenny) prod, eng, mix
  • 2011 Domenico (Cine Prive)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2011 Gruff Rhys (Hotel Shampoo) add-prod, eng, mix
  • 2011 Rene Lopez (E.L.S.) prod, eng, mix
  • 2011 Seu Jorge (Musica para Churrasco vol 1) prod, mix
  • 2011 Sublime and Rome (Your Truly) mix
  • 2011 Zee Avi (Ghostbird) 🇲🇾 prod, eng, mix
  • 2012 Dirty Heads (Cabin by the Sea) co-prod w/ Louie R, eng, mix
  • 2012 Kids These Days (Traphouse Rock) mix
  • 2012 Los Sebosos Postizos (Interpretem Jorge Ben)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2013 Jack Johnson (From Here to Now to You) prod, mix
  • 2013 Marcelo D2 (Nada Pode Me Para)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2014 Amanda Brecker (Way to Be)🇧🇷🇺🇸 co-prod w/ Jesse Harris, eng, mix
  • 2014 Bebel Gilberto (Tudo)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2014 Criolo (Convoque Seu Buda)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2014 Stéphane San Juan (Systeme de Som)🇫🇷 mix
  • 2014 Vanessa da Mata (Segue o Som)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2015 Ana Cañas (To na Vida)🇧🇷 add-prod, mix
  • 2015 Day One (Intellectual Property) prod, eng, mix
  • 2015 Ethan Tucker (Misunderstood) prod, eng, mix
  • 2015 Filipe Ret (Revel)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2015 Seu Jorge (Musica para Churrasco vol 2)🇧🇷 co-prod w/ Seu Jorge, eng, mix
  • 2016 Con Brio (Paradise) prod, eng, mix
  • 2016 Mala Vita (So Far So Good) 🇳🇱 prod, eng, mix
  • 2016 Day One (Intellectual Property) prod, eng, mix
  • 2016 Aymoréco (Aymoréco)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2016 Willie Bobo (Dig My Feeling) co-prod w/ Eric Bobo, mix
  • 2016 FingerFingerrr (MAR)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2016 Santiago Cruz (Trenes, Aviones y Viajes Interplanetarios) 🇨🇴 co-prod w/ Kassin, eng, mix
  • 2016 Alvaro Lancellotti (Canto de Marajó)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2016 Pequeno Cidadão (Vem Dançar)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2017 Debi Nova (Gran Ciudad) 🇨🇷 co-prod with Debi, eng, mix
  • 2017 Jesuton (Home) co-prod w/ Bernardo and Jesuton, eng, mix
  • 2017 Forro In The Dark (Sandcastle)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2017 Tamy (Parador Neptunia)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2017 Os Paralamas Do Sucesso (Sinais Do Sim)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2017 Davi Moraes (Ta Em Casa)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2017 Orquestra Afro-Brasileira (75 Anos)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2018 Paulo Miklos (A Gente Mora No Agora)🇧🇷 mix
  • 2018 Mexican Institute Of Sound (Disco Popular) mix
  • 2018 Self (Ornament and Crime) prod
  • 2018 Mario Biondi (Brasil) 🇮🇹 co-prod w/ Kassin, mix
  • 2018 Rogê (Nômade)🇧🇷 co-prod w/ Kassin, mix
  • 2018 Cézar Mendes (Depois Enfim)🇧🇷 co-prod w/ Marisa Monte & Arto Lindsay, eng, mix
  • 2018 Marcelo D2 (Amar É Para Os Fortes)🇧🇷 prod, eng, mix
  • 2019 Lila Downs (Al Chile) mix
  • 2019 Tiago Iorc (Reconstrução)🇧🇷 co-prod w/ Roberto Pollo, eng, mix
  • 2019 Freddie Gibbs & Madlib (Bandana) mix
  • 2019 Marcelo Jeneci (Guaia)🇧🇷 add-prod, eng, mix
  • 2020 Marcelo D2 (Assim Tocam os MEUS TAMBORES)🇧🇷 co-prod, eng, mix
  • 2020 Ghost of Vroom Mike Doughty (Ghost of Vroom 2) EP co-prod, mix
  • 2021 Ghost of Vroom Mike Doughty (Ghost of Vroom 1) prod, eng, mix
  • 2021 Mia Doi Todd (Music Life) mix


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