Marilyn Monroe in popular culture

American actress Marilyn Monroe's life and persona have been depicted in film, television, music, the arts, and by other celebrities.




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While still in character, Monroe posed over the updraft of a New York City subway grating during the filming of The Seven Year Itch in Manhattan.[134][135][136] The scene has been imitated on numerous occasions since the film was released.

Richard Sherman: [continuing; crazed] Because I can explain everything: the stairs, the cinnamon toast, the blonde in the kitchen.

Tom MacKenzie: [interrupts; incredulous] Wait! Wait a minute Dickey-Boy. What blonde in the kitchen?

Richard Sherman: [seething with contempt] Oh, wouldn't you like to know! Maybe it's Marilyn Monroe!

Graphic novelsEdit

  • Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar (2003) Features an older version of Marilyn Monroe.
  • Deadpool by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn (2013) Deadpool disguises himself as Marilyn Monroe, to kill a reanimated John F. Kennedy.
  • Eterna Marilyn by Fran Sabariego (2019).


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Music videosEdit

The music video for "Material Girl" was inspired by Monroe's performance of the song "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
  • "Love Action" by The Human League (1981): The music video features archival footage of Monroe and Arthur Miller
  • "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper (1983): A girl has a poster of Monroe on her wall
  • "Photograph" by Def Leppard (1983): An actress is glammed up as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch
  • "Fresh" by Kool & the Gang (1984): The Fairy Godmother is glammed up as Monroe
  • "In Neon" by Elton John (1984): The music video features Monroe's Hollywood Walk of Fame star
  • "Material Girl" by Madonna (1985): The music video is a mimicry of Monroe's performance of the song "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" from the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. "Well, my favorite scene in all of Monroe's movies is when she does that dance sequence for 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend'. And when it came time to do the video for the song [Material Girl], I said, I can just redo that whole scene and it will be perfect," she explained in a 1987 interview with New York Daily News. "Marilyn was made into something not human in a way, and I can relate to that. Her sexuality was something everyone was obsessed with and that I can relate to. And there were certain things about her vulnerability that I'm curious about and attracted to."[171][172]
  • "Sex as a Weapon" by Pat Benatar (1985): The music video features archival footage of Monroe
  • "Dancing on the Ceiling" by Lionel Richie (1986): In the video, there is a reference to the film The Seven Year Itch when air blows a woman's skirt over her head
  • "If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man)" by Bonnie Tyler (1986): The music video features a Rambo-like male soldier swinging on a rope as he lands on the stage while Tyler and the people on stage start to hold up a circle-and-cross female symbol who then transforms via An American Werewolf in London-style special effects into a sultry Marilyn Monroe-like female vixen
  • "Don't Drop Bombs" by Liza Minnelli (1989): A poster of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes can be seen on a wall of the room in the beginning of the video.
  • "Rock Me Gently" by Erasure (1996): Monroe (played by famous drag impersonator Jimmy James) appears in the video.
  • "I Still Believe" covered by Mariah Carey (1999): The music video recreates Monroe's 1954 performance for troops in Korea
  • "Don't Forget About Us" by Mariah Carey (2005): During a pool scene, Carey re-enacts a part from Monroe's film Something's Got to Give (1962) by singing with one leg up on the edge.[173] In an interview with MTV News, Carey spoke of the re-enactment: "That shot was totally and completely inspired by 'Something's Got to Give,' Marilyn Monroe's last movie that never got finished. It's an homage to her, because I've never seen anyone re-create it. So many people have emulated so many of Marilyn's classic moments, but it's just that I'm a big fan of hers, and I thought it was really pretty at night with the pool. No one could ever be as fabulous as Marilyn was, but it's in honor and homage to her."[173]
  • "2 Hearts" Kylie Minogue (2007): Minogue dresses as Monroe from Some Like It Hot
  • "Give Me All Your Luvin'" by Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. (2012): Costumes worn in the video included a retro inspired look; the trio wore white lace dresses reminiscent of Madonna's look in her 20s, as well as Marilyn Monroe.[174]
  • "National Anthem" by Lana Del Rey (2012): Del Rey apes Monroe's "Happy Birthday, Mr. President"[175]
  • "Applause" by Lady Gaga (2013): Gaga dresses like Monroe in The Seven Year Itch.
  • "Below" by White Lung (2016): A group of Marilyn Monroe look-a-likes can be seen at a movie theater.
  • "Marilyn Monroe" by Danielle "Dani" Cohn (2017): The main theme of the video is about Monroe.
  • "Coltrane" by Anja Kotar (2017): Kotar channels Monroe in the video.
  • What Is Love?” by Twice (2018): Chaeyoung dresses like Marilyn from The Seven Year Itch.
  • "Paradise" by Ofenbach featuring Benjamin Ingrosso (2018): Dorian Lo and César de Rummel act as judges at a talent show, in which an old Marilyn Monroe wannabe is one of the participants performing.[176]



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  • American Gods: "Lemon Scented You", during Mr. World's pitch to Wednesday, Media assumes the form of Monroe from The Seven Year Itch[182][183]
  • Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps: "Angelina's Gift for Ms. Mimi", a gust of wind makes Angelina ape the "subway grate" pose from The Seven Year Itch
  • Animaniacs (1993): "Method to Her Madness", Slappy and Skippy attend a method acting class Monroe is in
  • Archer: "Edie's Wedding", Pam's attire and hairstyle for Edie's wedding makes her resemble Monroe
  • Arrested Development:
    • "What Goes Around": Lucille Bluth sings "Happy Birthday Mr. President" to George Bluth in order to simulate him
    • "A New Start": Tobias Fünke settles on The Seven Year Itch/Marilyn Monroe style of bed sheets
  • The Beverly Hillbillies: "The Clampetts Go Hollywood", Elly May glams up as Monroe
  • Bewitched: "The Catnapper", Endora tells Samantha that her "mortal roommate seems to be getting "the seven-year-itch" five years early when he begins working nights"
  • Blonde: a partially fictionalized account of Monroe's life
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: "The Therapist", Charles Boyle says that "The painting in the bathroom of Jesus standing over a vent with his robe blowing up like Marilyn Monroe?"
  • Cagney & Lacey: "Jane Doe #37", a girl Cagney and Lacey arrest gives her name as "Norma Jeane Baker", the name Monroe was known as growing up
  • The Celebrity Look-Alike Show: In this special from 2003, a female audience member[184] is dressed like Monroe.
  • The Chase:
    • (Christmas Special) Anne Hegerty (a.k.a. "The Governess") dresses as Monroe from[185]The Seven Year Itch.
    • (Impersonators): Monroe look-a-like Suzie Kennedy[186] is a contestant on an episode.
  • Children in Need "2007": Wendi Peters performed a version of Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes by adding "I Am a Material Girl" halfway through, then returning to the normal song.
  • Clone High: Monroe hangs out at The Grassy Knoll with Nostradamus
  • Combination Lock: In the pilot, it briefly mentions about "Marilyn Monroe's Appointment Book" where it was purchased at the website where the contestant couples would match the item with its purchase price in thousands of dollars (SPOILER ALERT: The answer to that question, in particular, was in fact "11" as it was sold online for $11,000).[187]
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:
    • "All Signs Point To Josh...or Is It Josh's Friend?", Rebecca Bunch[188] in a blue dress and gloves sings in the music video "The Math of Love Triangle" is a paid homage to Monroe's Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
    • "I Need to Find My Frenemy", "The Math of Love Quadrangles"[189] is a reprise version of "The Math of Love Triangles" which itself is a parody of Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  • Criminal Minds: "Reflections of Desire", Garcia quotes Monroe
  • The Critic:
    • "Marathon Mensch", Jay imagines himself as a Monroe impersonator aping the "subway grate" pose from The Seven Year Itch
    • "LA Jay", a transvestite in a white dress offers to stand over a grate like Monroe in The Seven Year Itch
  • Designing Women: "Hard Hats and Lovers", Charlene [190][191] dresses as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch at a country club masquerade ball
  • Desperate Housewives: "Excited and Scared", Renée dresses as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch for Halloween; Lee also dresses as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch as well
  • Dexter's Laboratory: "Blonde Leading the Blonde", Dexter apes the "subway grate" pose from The Seven Year Itch
  • Dice: "The Trial", After being cast as James Monroe in a musical, Dice announces to Carmen: "You are talking to President Marilyn Monroe"
  • Doctor Who: "A Christmas Carol", The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) becomes engaged to Monroe
  • Drunk History: "Legends", Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald form a lasting friendship[192]
  • El gran juego de la oca: The Oquettes ape Monroe from The Seven Year Itch.[193][194]
  • Elvis: Elvis tells his mother she is more beautiful than Monroe
  • The Ernie Kovacs Show: Edie Adams regularly aped Monroe
  • Family Guy: "Mom's the Word", Evelyn apes the "subway grate" pose from The Seven Year Itch
  • Family Ties: "I Know Jennifer's Boyfriend", a poster of The Seven Year Itch is seen in the Keaton's house during Jennifer's 1950s-themed birthday party
  • Farscape: "Revenging Angel", an animated version of[195] Aeryn Sun briefly transforms into Marilyn Monroe from The Seven Year Itch
  • Feud: Bette and Joan: "Pilot", Monroe (played by Alisha Soper)[196] makes a guest appearance on the very first episode of the show as she accepts a Golden Globe award in 1960 for the classic romantic comedy film Some Like it Hot.
  • Finding Marilyn: An undeveloped reality series[197] emulating Monroe's journey to stardom, twelve young actresses travel to Los Angeles by competing for the chance to become the next Hollywood "it" girl.
  • Frasier: "Room Full of Heroes", Martin, as Joe DiMaggio, references Monroe; Daphne, as Elton John, references "Candle in the Wind"
  • Full House: "Mad Money", Jesse brings home a Monroe impersonator
  • Futurama:
  • Gilligan's Island: "The Producer", Ginger glams up as Monroe
  • Gilmore Girls: "Red Light on the Wedding Night", a waiter at the club Lorelai has her bachelorette party is dressed as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch
  • The Girls Next Door:
    • "Mutiny on the Booty", Holly Madison is having a photoshoot that was inspired by Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and even later watches the film because of it
    • "Family Affair", The late Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison and the dog are in bed watching a scene from[198] Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  • Glee: "Girls (and Boys) on Film", Marley Rose and Wade "Unique" Adams with The New Directions Girls sings[199] Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes along with a mashup of Material Girl by Madonna
  • The Golden Girls: "Letters to Gorbachev", Blanche apes "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Gossip Girl: "G.G.", Serena van der Woodsen[200] dresses as Monroe from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes including Blair Waldorf dressing like Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's in a dream sequence as part of the show's 100th episode
  • Growing Pains:
    • "Happy Halloween: Part 2", a character dresses as Monroe
    • "Carol's Carnival", Carol Seaver (Tracey Gold)[201] dresses as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch as a vent from below blows her dress up like the famous scene
  • Happy Endings: "Spooky Endings", Alex dresses as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch for a Halloween party
  • Hart of Dixie: "Walkin' After Midnight", Lemon dresses as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch for a Halloween party
  • Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: "A Very Boo Halloween", Mama June (a.k.a. June Shannon) dresses as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch in the episode from 2013
  • Hey Arnold!: "The Beeper Queen", Helga Pataki's mother Miriam sings "Beepers Are a Girl's Best Friend" as a parody of "Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend" [202] from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in a commercial for Big Bob's Beepers
  • The Honeymooners: "A Woman's Work Is Never Done", Ralph references Monroe
  • I Love Lucy: "Ricky's Movie Offer", Lucy and Ethel think Ricky's script has a Monroe-type part, and ask Fred which one of them looks like her; Lucy glams up as Monroe
  • Inside the NBA: Monroe sings "Happy Birthday"[203][204] to Charles Barkley who turned 55 years old
  • Introducing Dorothy Dandridge: In one scene, Earl Mills discovers Dandridge under a piano along with two other rising stars Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe
  • It's a Living: "Her Back to the Future", Dot dresses like Monroe from The Seven Year Itch during Nancy's dream
  • It's Worth What?: A Marilyn Monroe[205] impersonator wearing white gloves makes an appearance
  • I've Got a Secret: "November 11, 1953", Gene Scanlon had a date with Marilyn Monroe (as she actually paid for the tab)
  • The Jack Benny Program: "September 13, 1953", Monroe[206] makes her first television appearance in the skit called "Honolulu Trip".
  • Jessie: "Ghost Bummer", Jessie dresses as Monroe for Halloween[207]
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians: "Paparazzi & Papas", Khloé asks her grandmother's prospective dates if they like Monroe
  • The Kennedys: Monroe is obsessed with John F. Kennedy in the days leading up to her suicide but is warned against blackmailing him.
  • Last Man Standing: "Adrenaline", Mike references Monroe on his Webcast
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent: "Bombshell", a prescription bottle found by Logan and Wheeler is made out to Monroe's birth name, Norma Mortensen; Merritt references Monroe
  • DC's Legends of Tomorrow:
    • "Legends of To-Meow-Meow", Magical fugitive Charlie impersonates Monroe
    • "Terms of Service", Magical fugitive Charlie impersonates Monroe
  • Lethal Weapon (TV series): "Fools Rush In", A Monroe look a like personality is wearing the famous white dress from The Seven Year Itch
  • Le Juste Prix (Belgium): Host Michaël Dufour dresses as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch.[208]
  • Let's Sing and Dance: Rosemary Shrager and Kim Woodburn[209] performed Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in 2013
  • Love, Marilyn
  • Lucifer: "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil", Monroe's white dress is seen.
  • Mad Men:
    • "Maidenform", Monroe and Jackie Kennedy inspire the agency's campaign for Playtex
    • "Six Month Leave", Monroe's death affects Hollis, Joan, and the office girls
  • Marilyn & Bobby: Her Final Affair
  • The Marilyn Files: A two-hour live television special that aired on KTLA in 1992 hosted by Bill Bixby and Jane Wallace, where it reports that actress Marilyn Monroe was actually murdered when she died 30 years ago.[210][211][212]
  • Marilyn and Me
  • Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days
  • Marilyn, Misunderstood: A documentary (narrated by Kim Cattrall) tells the story of the other "Marilyn", a woman who didn't suddenly wake up and become the biggest star in the world.[213][214]
  • Marilyn: The Untold Story
  • Married... with Children: "It's a Bundyful Life", Al asks his guardian angel if Monroe is laughing at him because he caved to Peg's demand that he toss his Playboys
  • M*A*S*H: "Bombshells", Hawkeye and Charles start a rumor that Monroe is coming to the 4077 to thank the staff for caring for her cousin
  • Merrie Melodies: "Knight-mare Hare", as Bugs Bunny goes to another castle, he meets the residence of a warlock (or wizard) named Merlin of Monroe his name, in particular, is a pun on Marilyn Monroe
  • Modern Family: "Good Grief", Gloria Pritchett[215](Sofia Vergara) is dressed as Monroe from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in a Halloween episode
  • Movies Rock: Nicole Scherzinger performed a version of Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes which paid tribute to the strong relationship between film and music
  • Mr. Belvedere: "Mumsy", Kevin Owens has a movie poster of The Seven Year Itch hanging on the wall in his apartment
  • Mr. Show with Bob and David: "If You're Going to Write a Comedy Scene, You're Going to Have Some Rat Feces in There", In the skit "Van Hammersly"[216](Bob Odenkirk), one of his billiard balls is named after Marilyn Monroe along with mentioning one of her most famous films The Seven Year Itch.
  • The Muppets Go to the Movies: Miss Piggy performs the song "Heatwave" in a costume reminiscent of the one worn by Monroe in There's No Business like Show Business
  • The Muppet Show:
    • "Season 1, Episode 20", Valerie Harper[217] donning a short blonde wig and brown dress briefly does an impression of Monroe during her opening number Broadway Baby
    • "Season 4, Episode 23", Miss Piggy and Carol Channing[218] sing Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes as the closing number
  • Muppets Tonight: "Season 1, Episode 9", Miss Piggy and Whoopi Goldberg sing Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes as the closing number
  • The Name's the Same:
    • "September 3, 1952", a celebrity guest Johnny Mercer wants to be Marilyn Monroe
    • "November 19, 1952", a contestant's actual name is Marilyn Monroe
    • "January 12, 1954", two contestants' actual names are Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio
    • "June 22, 1954", Van Johnson's "secret wish" is for Monroe to sit on his lap
    • "August 31, 1954", Charles Coburn's "secret wish" is to dance the rumba with Monroe as he did in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  • NCIS:
    • "Kill Ari, Part 1", DiNozzo has Caitlin imitate the "subway grate" pose from The Seven Year Itch in his fantasy
    • "Minimum Security", Ducky tells Abby his mother wears nothing to bed but Chanel No. 5 ever since Monroe said it's the only thing she wears to bed
    • "Witch Hunt", Abby dresses as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch for Halloween
  • The Next Best Thing: Who is the Greatest Celebrity Impersonator?: A celebrity impersonator named Jodi Fleisher impersonates Marilyn Monroe
  • Norma Jean & Marilyn
  • The Norm Show: "Norm vs. Fear", a girl dressed up like Monroe's character from The Seven Year Itch fixing a light as Taylor Clayton (Nikki Cox) shuts the door[219][220]
  • Nip/Tuck: "Joyce & Sharon Monroe", two Monroe Look-alikes want to look more like her
  • One Tree Hill: "Pictures of You", Brooke Davis impersonates Monroe for a class assignment
  • Parenthood (TV series): "Opening Night", Sydney Graham is dressed as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch
  • The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show: Cindy Curbstone is patterned after Monroe.
  • Person to Person: Monroe gets interviewed by Edward R. Murrow in an episode that aired on April 8, 1955[221]
  • Phil Spector: Spector speculates on Monroe's death during his first meeting with Linda Kenney Baden
  • Press Your Luck (Tormarken): Monroe's original nickname is mentioned as a question.[222]
  • The Pretender: "Curious Jarod", Jarod reviews a Simulation of the night of Monroe's death in which his younger self speculates as if "Norma Jean" or "Marilyn" was possibly murdered and why
  • Pretty Little Liars: "This Is a Dark Ride", Hannah Marin dresses as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch in a Halloween episode
  • The Price Is Right (1972): Former model (a.k.a. Barker's Beauty) Dian Parkinson dresses as Monroe[223][224] during the showcase segment.
  • Red Dwarf: "Meltdown": The crew find themselves on Wax-World, a theme park inhabited by wax-droids of famous real-life and fictional characters in human history, including Monroe (played by Pauline Bailey).
  • Saturday Night Live:
  • Scrubs: "My Tormented Mentor", in one of the fantasy sequences; the male surgeons briefly dream that Dr. Grace Miller (Bellamy Young) is Monroe[225]
  • The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe: a TV mini-series where it chronicles Monroe's family life, her relationship with her mother Gladys Pearl Baker and how she succeeded in hiding her most intimate secrets from the press and an invasive world.
  • Semi-Homemade Cooking: Host/Chef Sandra Lee is dressed as Monroe from[226]Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in a Halloween episode (Season 9, Episode 7)
  • Seinfeld: "The Note", George references Monroe after Kramer claims he saw Joe DiMaggio at Dinky Donuts
  • Sheep in the Big City: "Be Still My Bleating Heart", Sheep's wool briefly goes up in a Marilyn Monroe-like pose while standing over a subway vent
  • She's Out (Episode 1): Connie Stephens (Zoe Heyes) sings a part of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes as she dances in the mirror to it. Stephens bears a resemblance to Monroe and also states that she was an inspiration to her.
  • Since You've Been Gone: According to the intro of this special from 2000, it claims that an exclusive sprawling Palm Springs estate was once used by Monroe.[227]
  • Sing Your Face Off (Week 6): Former soap opera actress Lisa Rinna dressed as Monroe from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in an episode
  • The Simpsons:
    • "The Homer They Fall", a picture of Monroe is on a jacket
    • "Rosebud", Smithers imagines Mr. Burns singing "Happy Birthday to You" to him [[List of French words aà la "Happy Birthday, Mr. President"
      • a slide photo of Mr. Burns shows him aping the "subway grate" pose from The Seven Year Itch
    • "Thirty Minutes over Tokyo" features a Monroe robot
    • "Treehouse of Horror XIV", Professor Frink tells Bart and Lisa his father "worked on the atom bomb by day, slept with Marilyn Monroe by night, and sold secrets to the Russians at lunch"
    • Moe apes the "subway grate" pose from The Seven Year Itch on Disk 4 of the Season 6 DVD set menu
    • Dr. Marvin Monroe's original first name was Marilyn
  • Smash: Main plot concerns the planning of a Broadway musical about Monroe
  • Sordid Lives: The Series: "The Fall and Rise of Brother Boy", Ty is shown Monroe's ukulele from Some Like It Hot.
  • Split Personality: Monroe was the subject in round 2.[228]
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: "My Leg!", Fred Rechid (a.k.a. Fred the Fish) briefly parodies the subway grate scene from The Seven Year Itch behind a jewelry store along with saying "my leg!" in a sultry voice during a montage.
  • The Starlet: Ten aspiring actresses live together in a house once owned by Monroe.
  • Studio 10: a person dresses as Monroe from The Seven Year Itch in order to celebrate the show's 500th episode in 2015.[229]
  • 30 Rock: "The One with the Cast of Night Court", Claire Harper (Jennifer Aniston) sings a sexy rendition of "Happy Birthday" to Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) an illusion to Marilyn Monroe's performance to John F. Kennedy's birthday.
  • Time Machine: a pic of Monroe[230] on the cover of a December 1953 issue of Playboy magazine along with a still of her from the classic film The Seven Year Itch can briefly be seen during the opening credits during the second season format of the show.
  • Trivia Trap: A pic of Monroe[231] can briefly be seen flying during the first season opening credits.
  • T.J. Hooker: "Target: Hooker", a male drag performer impersonates Monroe.[232]
  • Tosh.0: "Boy in Black Face", a little girl dresses as Monroe in a spoof of The Seven Year Itch.[233][234][235]
  • To Tell the Truth:
    • "April 7, 1967", Monroe's first husband James Dougherty[236] appears as a "central character" in this episode.
    • "November 1990", Monroe impersonator Jimmy James[237][238] appears as a "central character" in this episode along with singing his version of "I want to be loved by you".
  • Two and a Half Men: "Untainted by Filth", Charlie has a flashback of drunken Alan in a blonde wig singing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" à la Monroe.
  • Warehouse 13: "Love Sick", Monroe's hairbrush turns hair platinum blonde when used
  • What's My Line?:
    • "January 3, 1954", Art Gaisor sells Marilyn Monroe Calendars
    • "September 12, 1954", Natasha Lytess (as Miss Tala Forman) is Marilyn Monroe's Drama Coach
    • "September 18, 1955", Monroe's former husband Joe Dimaggio appears as a mystery guest
    • "June 12, 1955", Tom Ewell appears as a mystery guest and promotes the film The Seven Year Itch
    • "July 1, 1956", Judge Seymour Rabinowitz married both Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller
    • "August 21, 1960", mystery guest Buddy Hackett signs in as "Marilyn Monroe" (however, it was written as "Maralyn Monroe")
  • WKRP in Cincinnati:
  • Your Face Sounds Familiar: some international versions features female stars dressing up as Monroe from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
  • Zoey 101: "Haunted House", Zoey dresses as Monroe for Halloween


By Arthur Miller, Monroe's third husband:

  • After the Fall (1964) – The play and its main characters, Maggie and Quentin, are based on Monroe and Miller and their marriage
  • Finishing the Picture (2004) – The play is based on Miller's experiences of making The Misfits (1961), with Kay being based on Monroe

Plays and musicals based on Monroe's life or with Monroe as a central character:

Plays and musicals with Monroe as a minor character or referenced to:

  • Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1955): Monroe's lookalike Jayne Mansfield plays a dumb actress who starts her own production company.[241] Prior to the play's production and premiere, Monroe had told Milton Greene about her grievances with 20th Century Fox, with Greene suggesting that they start their own production company.[242] Announcing its foundation in a press conference in January 1955, Monroe had stated that she was "tired of the same old sex roles. I want to do better things. People have scope, you know."[243] She had asserted that she was no longer under contract to Fox, as the studio had not fulfilled its duties, such as paying her the promised bonus for The Seven Year Itch.[244] This would begin a year-long legal battle between her and the studio,[245] that saw her being ridiculed by the press and by this play, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?, which was written by The Seven Year Itch writer George Axelrod.[241]
  • Blood Brothers (1983): three songs called "Marilyn Monroe"
  • Wilhelm Reich in Hell (1987) by Robert Anton Wilson: Monroe is a character
  • Nobody Dies on Friday (1998) by Robert Brustein: About Lee Strasberg and the Actors Studio, with Monroe as a supporting character

Video gamesEdit

  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure: A pic of Monroe can be seen in a phone book with the numbers 555-1155 in blue and the numbers 555-1764 in red[246]
  • Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time: A sorcerer named Merlin Munroe is a pun on Marilyn Monroe
  • Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!: The Milkmaid (a Marilyn Monroe look a like) stands on a grate as her dress billows up
  • Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls: An undead skeleton character named Bones has one of his likes in Marrowlyn Monroe, a parody of her name.
  • Final Fight Revenge: Poison[247] in a light pink dress apes the Marilyn Monroe pose from The Seven Year Itch.
  • Gigi: The girl[248] on the backglass cover is supposed to resemble Marilyn Monroe
  • Hard Evidence: The Marilyn Monroe Files: Four characters[249] (the cop, the lawyer, the coroner and the investigative reporter) try to investigate her tragic death from a different angle to get to the truth.
  • Hisshou Pachinko *Pachi-Slot Kouryoku Series Vol 3: CR Marilyn Monroe: Translated as Winning Pachinko Mari ly N Monroe, a virtually marine-themed paci-slot game, features Monroe.
  • Shinobi (1987): Posters of Monroe[250] can be found plastered on a wall in the second third of the first level.
  • Taxi (pinball game) (1988): A blonde Marilyn Monroe-like image in a red dress can be seen as a taxi passenger[251] in both the backglass and playfield. But due to copyright infringement at the time, she was later changed to a brunette woman named Lola[252]
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  • Kantai Collection: Saratoga's standard pose of pushing her skirt down as it's blown upward by wind is inspired by a famous and iconic pose by Marilyn Monroe, taken from the movie The Seven Year Itch.
  • Yo-kai Watch 2: An in-game version of Marilyn Monroe called "Mary Ronmo", who starred in the movie "Gentlemen Endure Prawns", a spoof of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. A sidequest involves finding her famous red dress, which she wore in a scene in which her dress was blown upwards.

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