Marie, Countess of Harcourt

Marie of Harcourt (9 September 1398 – 19 April 1476) was a ruling Countess of Aumale and Baroness of Elbeuf from 1452 to 1476.

Marie, Countess of Harcourt
Tomb of Marie of Harcourt and her husband Antoine de Vaudémont, in the church of the Cordeliers in Nancy
Born9 September 1398
Died19 April 1476(1476-04-19) (aged 77)
Noble familyHouse of Harcourt
Spouse(s)Antoine of Lorraine
FatherJohn VII of Harcourt
MotherMarie of Alençon

Life edit

Marie was the eldest daughter of John VII of Harcourt, Count of Harcourt and Aumale and Baron of Elbeuf, and of Marie of Alençon.[1] On 12 August 1416 she married Antoine of Lorraine (1400–1458), Count of Vaudémont and sire of Joinville.[1]

Upon the death of her father in 1452, she attempted to claim the entire Harcourt inheritance, to the exclusion of her younger sister Jeanne of Harcourt. By 1454, Jeanne had established herself as Countess of Aumale, and Marie as Countess of Harcourt and Baroness of Elbeuf. These lands were to pass to her second son, John, but he predeceased her in 1473, so they went to her grandson Rene.[2]

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Marie, Countess of Harcourt
Born: 9 September 1398 Died: 19 April 1476
French nobility
Preceded by Countess of Harcourt
Baroness of Elbeuf
with Antoine 1452–1458
John VIII 1458–1473
René 1473–1476

Succeeded by