Marido en alquiler

Marido en alquiler is an American telenovela premiered on Telemundo on July 10, 2013, and concluded on January 13, 2014.[1][2] The telenovela is created by the Venezuelan author Perla Farías, based on the Brazilian drama written by Aguinaldo Silva, entitled Fina Estampa.[3] Produced by Telemundo Studios and Rede Globo de Televisão, and distributed by Telemundo Internacional.

Marido en alquiler
Marido en Alquiler Poster.jpg
Created byPerla Farías
Based onFina Estampa
by Aguinaldo Silva
Written by
  • Basilio Álvarez
  • Iralyn Valera
Directed by
  • Claudio Callao
  • Nicolás Di Blasi
Music by
  • Vinicio Ludovic
  • Alberto Slezynger
  • Alexis Estiz
Country of originUnited States
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes141
Executive producerDavid Posada
ProducerAimee Godinez
  • Miguel Font
  • Juan Pablo Puentes
  • José Luis Velarde
EditorHader Antivar Duque
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time
  • 48–52 minutes (eps 1–7)
  • 42–45 minutes (eps 8–70, 101–139)
  • 84–87 minutes (eps 71–100 & 140–141)
Production companies
DistributorTelemundo Internacional
Original networkTelemundo
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Original releaseJuly 10, 2013 (2013-07-10) –
January 13, 2014 (2014-01-13)
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It stars Sonya Smith as Griselda Carrasco — A woman who is dedicated to the business of repairing cars and appliances, and striving to ensure that her children have a better future, along with Juan Soler as Reinaldo Ibarra,[4] Maritza Rodríguez as Teresa Cristina,[5] Roberto Manrique as Kike, Gabriel Coronel as José Antonio,[6] Kimberly Dos Ramos as Patricia Ibarra,[6] Ricardo Chávez as Gabriel Rodríguez, and Miguel Varoni as José Salinas.


Griselda Carrasco (Sonya Smith) is a middle-aged handywoman in a working class community. She takes care of her three kids and grandson after José Antonio (Miguel Varoni), her husband, disappeared at sea 15 years ago.

Needing to support her family, Griselda takes on a job doing what she knows best: Fixing the crumbling neighborhood with her trusty toolbox while traveling in her van. She becomes the friendly neighborhood "Husband for Hire."

One day while driving around Miami in her van, she happens to meet Reinaldo (Juan Soler), a charming man whose car has just gotten a flat tire. Seeing Reinaldo struggling with the situation, she jumps out of her van and quickly runs over to him and fixes his flat, offering him her business card. Griselda subsequently meets Teresa Cristina (Maritza Rodríguez), a lady of elegant manners, smug, capable of committing the worst follies and married to Reinaldo, famous chef of the restaurant Gourmet Palmer. A kind-hearted man who lacks mechanical skills, Reinaldo will be intrigued, if not spellbound, before Griselda, the woman who can fix anything very quickly.

Griselda is unaware that Antonio (Gabriel Coronel), her son, is the boyfriend of Patricia (Kimberly Dos Ramos), the daughter of Reinaldo and Teresa Cristina, who will eventually become their worst enemy. To her great surprise – and disappointment – she discovers that Antonio presented to his future in-laws a certain Giselle (Elluz Peraza), an actress hired to pretend to be Antonio's mother (Antonio is pretending to come from an upper-class family and doesn't want his girlfriend to know the real story).

Griselda's fortune changes overnight when she wins the jackpot of the lottery: $43 million. From then on her life will not be the same, although she stands firm in her beliefs and values. With a new look, "La Carrasco" creates the "Maridos de Alquiler" network, although her fortune also attracts a few interested parties, starting with José Antonio (Miguel Varoni), who rises from the dead when he learns that his wife is now a multimillionaire.

To the misfortune of Teresa Cristina, Griselda moves to a mansion in the same luxurious area, and Teresa Cristina must now tolerate the person she most despises as her neighbor. Teresa Cristina declares war on Griselda, without imagining that Reinaldo, tired of her lies, will abandon her to pursue Griselda, with whom he has fallen deeply in love. With Griselda, the handsome chef will be reunited with the values of friendship, love and family.


Aguinaldo Silva, author of the Brazilian original Fina Estampa, will be supervising adaptation and screenplay for Telemundo together with Perla Farías. As of July 21, 2012, the adaptation is ongoing.[citation needed] Mr. Silva is best known for incredible rating successes such as Roque Santeiro in the 80s, and Vale Tudo adapted in the 2000s by Telemundo as Vale todo.

The working title in TV Globo for Fina Estampa in Brazil was Marido de Aluguel, however, it was later changed. For Telemundo's version, it used the Marido de Aluguel name, though it translated it in Spanish.[7]

Opening credits and themeEdit

Latin Grammy award winner Ana Bárbara performs the soap opera's theme song Yo Soy La Mujer. The singer also participated in the soap opera. Yo Soy La Mujer is also the title to Ana Barbara's eleventh studio album. The track Yo Soy La Mujer was re-recorded in Banda and became part of Ana Bárbara's music repertoire.[8] The song was inspired by the hard work, struggle, and immense effort put forth by Griselda Carrasco as a single parent to support her three children and grandson.

Also part of the opening theme is the song by Carlos Gatica, called Como te explico, a love song inspired by Reinaldo and Griselda.

Cast and charactersEdit

  • Griselda Carrasco (Sonya Smith) - Main Protagonist. A hardworking and humble woman who is dedicated to working as a handyman to keep a family of three children and one grandchild after her husband was lost at sea 15 years ago. She later falls in love with Reinaldo [9][10]
  • Reinaldo Ibarra (Juan Soler) - Main Protagonist. A culinary art lover who works as the chef of a famous restaurant. He is the ex-husband of Teresa Cristina and the father of Patricia. He later falls in love with Griselda.[9][10]
  • Teresa Cristina Palmer (Maritza Rodríguez) - Main Antagonist, serial killer. A materialistic and snobbish woman who killed her biological mother after discovering she was a maid. She despises Griselda. She's Reinaldo's ex-wife and Patricia's mother. Dies at sea[9][10]
  • José Salinas (Miguel Varoni) - Antagonist. Ex-husband of Griselda and father of Antonio, Kike and Amalia. Teresa Cristina's lover. Dies at sea.[9][10]
  • José Enrique "Kike" Salinas Carrasco (Roberto Manrique) - Co-Protagonist. Griselda's eldest son and Kikito's father. Boyfriend of Bárbara. He works at a taco bar to help support his mother and young son. Kike is an exemplary father and he strives to keep Kikito happy. [9][10]
  • José Antonio Salinas Carrasco (Gabriel Coronel) - Co-Protagonist, initially an antagonist. Griselda's son, the only one of the three who could enter the university. He's ambitious and despises living in poverty, and is ashamed of his humble origins. In love with Patricia.
  • Patricia Ibarra Palmer (Kimberly Dos Ramos) - Co-Protagonist. Teresa Cristina and Reinaldo's daughter. A humble girl a special relationship with her father, a closeness that is not shared with her mother. In love with Antonio.[9][10]
  • Gabriel Rodríguez (Ricardo Chávez) - Owner of a Mexican Tacos Bar. He is a hard worker and is deeply in love with Griselda.[9][10]
  • Silva (David Saltoff)- The hotel manager where Barbara works as a maid.

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominated Result
2013 Premios People en Español[11][12]
Best Telenovela Perla Farías Nominated
Best Actress Sonya Smith Nominated
Best Actor Juan Soler Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Kimberly Dos Ramos Nominated
Best Female Antagonist Maritza Rodríguez Won
Best New Talent Kimberly Dos Ramos Nominated
Gabriel Coronel Nominated
Special Beauty Awards[13] Trainee Beauty TV Kimberly Dos Ramos Won
Youth TV Guy Pablo Azar Won
2014 Miami Life Award[14]
Best Telenovela Perla Farias Won[14]
Best Actress Sonya Smith Won[14]
Best actor Juan Soler Won[14]
Best Supporting Actress Maritza Rodriguez Won[14]
Best Supporting Actor Ricardo Chávez Nominated[14]
Ariel Texido Nominated[14]
Paulo Quevedo Nominated[14]
Best First Actress Alba Roversi Won[14]
Best First Actor Miguel Varoni Won[14]
Best Young Actress Kimberly Dos Ramos Won[14]
Daniela Navarro Nominated[14]
Ana Carolina Grajales Nominated[14]
Best Young Actor Pablo Azar Nominated[14]
Roberto Manrique Won[14]
Gabriel Coronel Nominated[14]
Premios Tu Mundo[15][16][17][18]
Novela of the Year Perla Farias Nominated[17][18]
Favorite Lead Actress Sonya Smith Nominated[17][18]
The Best Bad Boy Miguel Varoni Nominated[17][18]
The Best Bad Girl Maritza Rodríguez Nominated[17][18]
The Perfect Couple Sonya Smith and Juan Soler Nominated[17][18]
Best Supporting Actress Daniela Navarro Won[17][18]
Best Supporting Actor Ariel Texido Nominated[17][18]
Gabriel Coronel Won[17][18]
Ricardo Chávez Nominated[17][18]
First Actress Alba Roversi Nominated[17][18]
Junior Favorite Artist Kimberly Dos Ramos Won[17][18]
Best Bad Luck Moment When you have a flat tire truck Nominated[17][18]
!Qué papacito! Gabriel Coronel Won[17][18]
I'm Sexy and I know it Daniela Navarro Nominated[17][18]


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