Mariana Levy

Mariana Levy (22 April 1966 – 29 April 2005) was a Mexican telenovela actress, singer and television show host. She was the daughter of actress Talina Fernández and banker Gerardo Jorge Levy.

Mariana Levy
Mariana Levy Fernández

(1966-04-22)22 April 1966
Died29 April 2005(2005-04-29) (aged 39)
Mexico City, México
Spouse(s)Ariel López Padilla (1988–1997; divorced)
Jose María Fernández Michel (2000–2005; her death)


Mariana Levy Fernández was born in Mexico City. By the time she turned sixteen in 1982, she participated in her first Televisa soap opera, Vivir Enamorada ("Living in Love"), where she played "Verónica". Levy took 1983 off, then returned to the small screen in 1984, in a major Televisa hit, Los Años Felices ("The Happy Years"). In Los Años Felices, she played the role of "Nancy". Her next telenovela, Martín Garatuza (1986) was not successful. The opposite can be said of her next work, as "Linda", in 1987's Rosa Salvaje ("Wild Rosa"). Rosa Salvaje, about a girl named Rosa who falls in love with a millionaire but was not accepted by his family, became a hit all over Latin America, Europe and Asia. Levy became known in places including Spain, Puerto Rico, Russia, Venezuela and Argentina.[citation needed]

She participated in 1988's Lo Blanco y Lo Negro ("What's White and What's Black"), alongside Rafael Sánchez Navarro among others, as "Alma de Castro". She took off the rest of the 1980s, but, in 1990, she returned to television with the task of playing three characters in the same soap opera; playing "Ángela", "Gimena" and "Estrella" in Yo compro esa mujer ("I'll buy that woman").[citation needed]

She married again, this time to José María Fernández, the half brother of Chantal Andere. In 2003, Mariana Levy joined her mother, Talina Fernández, as cohost of her televised variety show, Nuestra Casa ("Our House"), and also participated in her final telenovela, the hugely successful Amor Real. This production was set in the mid 19th century, and in one of her most memorable characters ever, Mariana played "Josefina", an ugly-duckling-turned-swan character. Levy retired to give birth to Paula and José Emilio[citation needed]

Television rolesEdit

Title Year Role Notes
Vivir enamorada 1982 Verónica
Los años felices 1984 Nancy
Martín Garatuza 1986 Beatriz de Samaniego
Rosa salvaje 1987–1988 Erlinda González
Lo blanco y lo negro 1989 Alma de Castro
Yo compro esa mujer 1990 Jimena
Hora marcada 1990 Isabel Episode: "Pesadilla"
En carne propia 1990 Dulce Olivia Serrano
La pícara soñadora 1991 Lupita López
La última esperanza 1993 Estelita
El vuelo del águila 1994 Young Carmen Romero Rubio
Caminos cruzados 1995 Patricia
Bendita mentira 1996 Carolina
Leonela 1997 Leonela Ferrari Mirabal
Cuento de Navidad 1999 Guadalupe
La casa en la playa 2000 Elisa White de Villarreal
Rayito de luz 2000
Mujer, casos de la vida real 2002 Episode: "Abandonado"
Amor real 2003 Josefina De Icaza

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