Maria Barmich

Maria Yakovlevna Barmich (Russian: Мари́я Я́ковлевна Ба́рмич; born 1934) is a professor, researcher of the Nenets language, and the first scientist among Nenets women.

Maria Yakovlevna Barmich
Born26 April 1934
Nationality Soviet Union,  Russia, Nenets
Alma materHerzen University
Notable workNenets textbooks

She was born in the Kaninskaya tundra of the Kanino-Timan region of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Arkhangelsk Oblast. She lives in Saint Petersburg, and she works at the Institute of the Peoples of the North. For many years she has been teaching the Nenets language. She is the author of textbooks on the Nenets language, culture, and life.[1]

On December 9, 2016, in Naryan-Mar, she was a judge for the competition "Vadava Letrakhava,"[2] which means "Let's save our native language."[3]


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