Margaret of Foix-Candale

Margaret of Foix-Candale (Hungarian: Foix-Candale-i Margit saluzzói őrgrófné, 1473, – Castres, 9 September 1536), Marchioness of Saluzzo, regent of Marquisate of Saluzzo (1504–1526), aunt of Anna of Foix-Candale, Queen of Hungary.

Margaret of Foix-Candale
Marchesa consort of Saluzzo
Margaret of Foix-Candale.jpeg
Foix, Occitanie
Castres, Occitanie
BuriedCathedral of Saint-Benoît de Castres
Spouse(s)Ludovico II
ReligionRoman Catholic
Savoia, margherita de foix, marchesa di saluzzo, 1516.JPG


She was the youngest daughter of John de Foix, 1st Earl of Kendal and Margaret Kerdeston. In 1492 she married to Louis II Margrave of Saluzzo. Marchioness Margaret accompanied her niece, queen Anna of Foix-Candale in 1502 from Saluzzo to Venice in the wedding tour from France to Hungary, when Queen Anne visited her paternal relatives in Saluzzo.[1] While being in her second pregnancy, Queen Anne asked her aunt, Margaret to come to Buda in 1506.[2] The Marchiones at that time after her husband's death, acted as a regent of Marquisate of Saluzzo in the name of her first-born son, Michele Antonio. Her four surviving sons who all inherited the marquisate in the order of primogeniture.


  • Michele Antonio (26 March 1495 – 18 October 1528), Marquess of Saluzzo (1504–1528).
  • Gian Ludovico (21 October 1496 – 1563), Marquess of Saluzzo (1528–1529, deposed).
  • Francesco Ludovico (15 February 1498 – 28 March 1537), Marquess of Saluzzo (1529–1537).
  • Adriano (20 October 1499 – June 1501).
  • Gian Gabriele (26 September 1501 – 29 July 1548), Marquess of Saluzzo (1537–1548).


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