Mareen Duvall

Mareen Duvall (1625–1694)[1] was a French Huguenot and an early American settler.

Mareen Duvall
Coat of arms of Mareen Duvall.jpg
Coat of arms of Mareen Duvall
Marin Duval

Province of Brittany,
Kingdom of France
Died1694 (aged 69)
Spouse(s)Mary Stanton
Children"Maruis" (Mareen the Elder),
Mareen (the younger),
Elizabeth Roberts,
Johanna Poole,


He was born Marin Duval, at Nantes, France in 1625 and arrived in the Province of Maryland on August 28, 1650. He eventually received a patent from the first proprietors of the Maryland Colony, the Calvert family for La Val, possibly named after his family's estate in the County of Laval. an independent county created in the 15th century. This property was on the south side the South River in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.[2]

He became quite prosperous and his Middle Plantation in Davidsonville, Maryland and La Val were "as luxurious and courtly as any of the manors of the English gentry."[3]

He died in 1694 and his third and final wife, Mary Stanton, administered his substantial estate.[2][4] Duvall had purchased sizeable tracts of land, including Catton, later known as Belair[5] as well as owning Middle Plantation in Davidsonville, Maryland. Combined, he owned several thousand acres in Anne Arundel and Prince George's Counties.[2] It is believed that the original house called Middle Plantation was located somewhere along Rutland Road.

In 1705, his son, John Duvall and his wife Mary deeded land to Queen Anne Parish to construct St. Barnabas Church.[2] Mareen Duvall's widow, Mary went on to marry Colonel Henry Ridgley (1635-1710) and later after his death, Reverend Jacob Henderson.[5]


In genealogies, he is often called "The Emigrant" to distinguish him from several descendants also named Mareen Duvall.[6] His notable descendants include U.S. Presidents Harry S. Truman and Barack Obama, American Vice-President Dick Cheney,[6][7][8] Wallis Simpson (for whom Edward VIII gave up the throne), and actor Robert Duvall.[6]

Other descendants include U.S. Associate Supreme Court Justice Gabriel Duvall, billionaire Warren Buffett, Confederate General Bradley Tyler Johnson,[9] and Confederate spy Betty Duvall.[10]

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