Mardinli Mosque

Mardinli Mosque (Azerbaijani: Mərdinli məscidi; sometimes transliterated as Merdinli Mosque) was an Azerbaijani mosque located in Shusha, Karabakh region of Azerbaijan about 350 km from capital Baku but is currently under control of Armenian forces since the occupation of Shusha on May 8, 1992.[1] The mosque was located on intersection of Sadigjan and Garasherov streets of Mardinli neighborhood of Shusha.[2] Mardinli neighbourhood is one of 8 upper and earlier neighbourhoods of Shusha. In total, there are 17 neighbourhoods. Mardinli Mosque was one of the 17th mosques functioning in Shusha by the end of the 19th century.[3][4] Mardinli mosque was located in the World Heritage Site of Shusha State Historical and Architectural Reserve.[5]

Mardinli Mosque
Branch/traditionShia Islam
StyleIslamic architecture
Date established19th century

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