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Marcus Williamson

Marcus Williamson (born 1965) is a British writer, journalist and campaigner.

As an obituarist for The Independent he has written obituaries of more than 200 subjects, including artists, poets, actors and inventors.[1][2]



GM FoodEdit

Williamson has been involved in campaigning against genetically modified (GM) food from 1999 to the present day and ran a website ( on the subject from 1999 to 2005.[3]


In 2009 the AIM-listed (since delisted and failed) spyware company Phorm created a website to attack Williamson and fellow campaigner Alexander Hanff. The company accused Williamson of "...waging a "serial letter writing" campaign to Phorm's potential customers and partners in attempt to discredit the company and Mr Ertugrul." [4] The site was soon taken down and later described as a "PR disaster".[5]


He is the editor of the consumer information website[6]

He advocates contacting company chief executives (CEOs) as a means of resolving customer service issues and of conducting campaigns.[7] The site was featured in the LifeHacker article " Helps You Take Your Issue to the Top When Other Avenues Fail".[8]

In 2010 he revealed that the CEO of the Nationwide Building Society had closed down his email address, rather than face emails from upset customers.[9]


In June 2016 he co-authored, with Helen Dewdney, the report "Ombudsman Omnishambles – Serious unresolved issues affecting the operation of the ombudsman ADR system in the UK". [10]


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