Marcus Atilius Regulus (consul 294 BC)

Marcus Atilius Regulus was a Roman consul in 294 BC. During his year, according to Livy's main source, he served against the Samnites and Apulians without great success until he vowed a temple to Jupiter Stator.[1] After a victory at Interamna, Livy reports that a triumph was refused; the Acta Triumphorum however report that Regulus triumphed over the Volsones and the Samnites.[2]

This Regulus is possibly related to the later homonymous consul of 267 BC.[citation needed] He was probably the son of the consul of the same name in 335 BC.[3]


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Political offices
Preceded by Consul of the Roman Republic
294 BC
with Lucius Postumius Megellus II
Succeeded by