Marco Fusi (violinist)

Marco Fusi is an Italian violinist, violist, viola d'amore player and composer. He currently lives in Brussels. He is currently a member of Ensemble Linea, and an internationally recognised soloist. He is a promoter of new repertoire for the viola d'amore.

Life and workEdit

Fusi's formal education in music was fist carried out at the Milan Conservatory, where he finished a Bachelors degree in violin (2001), a MA in violin (2003) and a MA in composition (2007). In 2014, he was an independent researcher at the Isabella Scelsi Foundation to reorganise Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi's manuscripts, and to identify and catalogue his audio recordings. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Antwerp,[1] in affiliation with the Orpheus Institute's docARTES program , as supervised by Wim Henderickx, Ine Vanoeveren, Marlies De Munk, and Arthur Cools. His research project aims to develop a new performance practice for Scelsi's music.[2]

Since 2011, Fusi has been concertmaster of Ensemble Linea, based in Strasbourg. He is also frequently a guest with Klangforum Wien, MusikFabrik, and Meitar Ensemble.

Composer collaborationsEdit

Fusi is known for his collaborations with composers, which he uses to promote new repertoire for the various instruments he plays.

Collaborations which have resulted in new pieces for the viola d'amoreEdit

Collaborations which have resulted in new pieces for the violinEdit

His collaboration with the Italian composer Pierluigi Billone resulted in a new work, Equilibrio.Cerchio, which was then premiered at the Teaterhaus Stuttgart and recorded for KAIROS. The composer and performer are currently working together on a performance of Luigi Nono's La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura, with Billone booked to act as the sound engineer.

Another unique collaboration is with the Australian composer Charlie Sdraulig, who wrote his work one to one for Fusi.[17] In this work, the performer sits alone in a confined space with one audience member. Sdraulig writes:

The players phase, mirror, and synchronize their sounds and movements with audience members’ breathing, changes in their gaze, facial expressions, and body language. These efforts aim to facilitate momentary social connections: calm, intense co-presence, subtly negotiated via resonant, quiet sounds.[17]


Solo releasesEdit

  • John Cage: ONE 10 & TWO 6 (Da Vinci records, Tokyo 2019)[18]
  • John Cage: Freeman Etudes vol III and IV (Stradivarius, Milan 2012)
  • John Cage: Freeman Etudes vol I and II (Stradivarius, Milan 2011)
  • Giacinto Scelsi: Scelsi Collection vol. 7 (Stradivarius, Milan 2017)[19]
  • Salvatore Sciarrino: Complete works for violin and for viola (Stradivarius, Milan 2017)[20]
  • Pierluigi Billone: Equilibrio.Cerchio – ITI.KE.MI (Kairos Musik, Wien 2017)[21]
  • Restoration, Swedish music for viola d’amore (Geiger Grammofon, Gothenburg 2016)

Ensemble releasesEdit

  • Lisa Streich: Augenlider (Kairos Music, Wien 2019)
  • Martino Traversa: Landscape (Stradivarius, Milan 2015)
  • Arnold Schönberg: Pierrot Lunaire (Stradivarius, Milan 2013)
  • Salvatore Sciarrino: Luci mie traditrici (Stradivarius, Milan 2011)
  • Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra – double CD (Accentus Music, Leipzig 2010)
  • Salvatore Sciarrino: Lohengrin (col legno, Wien 2008)
  • [Niccolò Castiglioni]]: Quilisma (col legno, Wien 2006)


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