March 1902

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March 6, 1902: Real Madrid F.C. founded in Spain
March 1, 1902: Alves elected President of Brazil
March 10, 1902: Thomas Edison's monopoly on motion pictures ended
Vice President-elect Brandão, who won't survive to be sworn in

The following events occurred in March 1902:

March 1, 1902 (Saturday)Edit

March 2, 1902 (Sunday)Edit

March 3, 1902 (Monday)Edit

  • Born: Allalou (pen name for Ali Sellali), "The Father of Algerian Theatre", Algerian playwright; in Algiers

March 4, 1902 (Tuesday)Edit

  • The U.S. Department of the Navy ordered the transfer of all U.S. Navy shore properties in Cuba to the control of Governor-General Leonard Wood, who, in turn, would transfer the properties to control of the Republic of Cuba [3]
  • A tidal wave struck the coast of Central America, causing a great loss of life [3].
  • Through the efforts of the National Civic Federation, the strike against National Cash Register was ended in Dayton, Ohio [3].

March 5, 1902 (Wednesday)Edit

  • Ten months after ironworkers had gone on strike in San Francisco, the walkout was settled. Although the demand for a nine-hour workday was not agreed to, the ironworkers received some concessions [3].
  • Died:

March 6, 1902 (Thursday)Edit

  • Real Madrid, one of the most valuable professional sports franchises in the world, was founded as Madrid Football Club.
  • The Spanish Treaty Claims Commission ruled against American claimants seeking damages for the 1898 destruction of the battleship USS Maine in Havana harbor [3].
  • Prince Henry of Prussia, on the first state visit by German royalty to the United States, received an honorary doctorate from Harvard University [3].
  • Died:

March 7, 1902 (Friday)Edit

March 8, 1902 (Saturday)Edit

March 9, 1902 (Sunday)Edit

March 10, 1902 (Monday)Edit

March 11, 1902 (Tuesday)Edit

  • Prince Henry of Prussia departed New York City [3].
  • In the Queensland state election, Robert Philp's Ministerial Party were returned with a reduced majority. It was the first Queensland state election where voting was completed on a single day.[10]
  • The lower house of Denmark's Parliament, the Riksdag, ratified the treaty to sell the Danish West Indies to the United States [3].

March 12, 1902 (Wednesday)Edit

March 13, 1902 (Thursday)Edit

March 14, 1902 (Friday)Edit

  • The U.S. Senate, meeting in executive, closed-door session, unanimously ratified the Hague Peace Conference treaty of 1899 [3].
  • Born: Archduke Gottfried of Austria, in Linz (died 1984)

March 15, 1902 (Saturday)Edit

  • Born: Carla Porta Musa, Italian essayist and poet, in Como (died 2012)
  • Died: Sir Richard Temple, 76, British colonial administrator who worked at alleviating famine in Bombay in the 19th century.

March 16, 1902 (Sunday)Edit

  • Five remaining members of the crew of the barge Wadena, and seven of their eight rescuers from the Monmoy Station, were drowned in a storm when the rescue barge was capsized by a wave off of the coast of Chatham, Massachusetts. [11]

March 17, 1902 (Monday)Edit

March 18, 1902 (Tuesday)Edit

March 19, 1902 (Wednesday)Edit

  • The Populist Party, which had been a major American third party to rival the Republicans and Democrats during the 1890s, disbanded by merging back to the Democratic Party [13]. At its height in 1897, the Populists had 22 seats in the House of Representatives and five in the Senate.
  • The Ottoman Empire rejected a demand from the United States for reimbursement for the $72,000 ransom paid to Bulgarian rebels for the release of missionaries Stone and Tsilka [13].
  • Denmark's Volksthing, the upper house of parliament, voted to ratify the treaty selling the Danish West Indies to the United States [13].

March 20, 1902 (Thursday)Edit

March 21, 1902 (Friday)Edit

March 22, 1902 (Saturday)Edit

  • Thirty-four striking employees of the Rothschild Petroleum Company at Batum were killed by Russian soldiers [13].
  • U.S. Attorney General Philander C. Knox issued an opinion that the public lands of Puerto Rico were federally-owned United States property [13].

March 23, 1902 (Sunday)Edit

March 24, 1902 (Monday)Edit

March 25, 1902 (Tuesday)Edit

  • The U.S. House of Representatives voted to remove Democrat Congressman John S. Rhea of Kentucky from office after determining that Republican John McKenzie Moss had won the 1900 election [13]. Moss was sworn in, but would be defeated for re-election by Rhea in November.
  • Leonard Wood, the U.S. Governor-General of Cuba, was directed by President Roosevelt to transfer administration of the island to the government of the new Republic of Cuba on May 20 [13].

March 26, 1902 (Wednesday)Edit

March 27, 1902 (Thursday)Edit

March 28, 1902 (Friday)Edit

  • Delegates to the constitutional convention for a new state constitution for Virginia voted to adopt three provisions to deter African-American participation. In addition to a poll tax of $1.50 starting in 1904, existing voters were to be subjected to a "literacy test" of reading, understanding and explaining a section of the new state constitution to the satisfaction of a county examiner— persons who had served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, however, were exempt from the test, as were their sons, setting an example of a "grandfather clause" that would be enhanced by other southern states [13].
  • Born: Dame Flora Robson, 82, English actress, in South Shields, County Durham (d. 1984)
  • Died: Georg Herbert Münster, 81, Germany's ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1873 to 1885, and France from 1885 to 1900.

March 29, 1902 (Saturday)Edit

  • Although U.S. senators were elected by their state senates rather than by the public prior to 1913, the party nominees for the state senate to choose from were chosen in a party primary election. In Arkansas, incumbent U.S. Senator James K. Jones lost to his challenger for the Democratic Party nomination, white supremacist and former Governor James P. Clarke[13].
  • Bulgaria's government expelled U.S. diplomat Charles M. Dickinson as persona non grata for his comments regarding the case of missionary Ellen Stone [13].
  • Born:
  • Died: Sir Andrew Clarke, 77, British Army lieutenant general and colonial administrator. He served as Governor of Singapore and later as Governor of the Straits Settlements which included Singapore, and the Malaysian states of Malacca, Dinding, and Penang.

March 30, 1902 (Sunday)Edit

March 31, 1902 (Monday)Edit


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