Marble Bridge

The Siberian Marble Gallery[1] is a decorative pedestrian roofed Palladian bridge (gallery walkway) in Empress Catherine Park[2] in the former royal residence Tsarskoye Selo (now town of Pushkin) near Saint Petersburg, Russia. It connects the Swan Islands — an artificial archipelago of seven islets in the landscape park of Tsarskoe Selo — spanning a rivulet flowing between several ponds. The bridge was modelled after the Palladian Bridge (1736) in the park of Wilton House, in England, and served as a showcase for Ural marble. All the details of the bridge — including the granite Ionic colonnade — were produced in Yekaterinburg, transported to Tsarskoe Selo and then assembled in the workshop of Vincenzo Tortori in 1774.[3] It is probably called Siberian due to its construction with marble from the Urals.[3]

Marble Bridge, with the Chesme Column seen in the distance
Marble Bridge as seen in 2011


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Coordinates: 59°42′37.0″N 30°23′20.5″E / 59.710278°N 30.389028°E / 59.710278; 30.389028