Madrasa Manzar-e-Islam (Urdu: مدرسہ منظر اسلام), also known as Jamia Razvia Manzar-e-Islam, is an Islamic seminary in India. It was founded in 1904 in Bareilly, India by Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi.[1] It celebrated its hundredth anniversary in 2004 this occasion was marked by a series of publications in monthly magazine Ala Hazrat whose editor in chief is Subhan Raza Khan Subhani Mian.[2]

Jamia Razvia Manzar -E- Islam
جامعہ رضویہ منظر اسلام
TypeIslamic university
Established1904 (119 years ago) (1904)
Founder A'ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Qadri Barkaati
Rector Mufti Muhammad Subhan Raza Khan Qadri
Location, ,
NicknameManzar -E- Islam, Darul Uloom Manzar -E- Islam
Manzar -E- Islam's Front View

He also prepared a plan to upgrade the madrasa in view of the shortage of space.[3]

Famous Fatawa edit

  • In September 2007 Darul Ifta of Manzar-e-Islam issued a fatwa, which declaring the Indian film actor Salman Khan and his family as non-Muslims after they were shown on TV placing Ganesh (a Hindu elephant deity) in their house and worshipping it. The clerics of the Darul Ifta stated in their fatwa that Islam prohibits idol worship and the actor would have to recite the Shahadah in order to become Muslims again.[4] However, a Mufti of Manzar-e-Islam clarified that "they were asked their opinion about Muslims who worship idols and participates in idol worshipping processions, nowhere Salman Khan or his recent act was mentioned. The rule of Islam regarding idol worshipping is quite clear and this act is considered non-Islamic therefore any Muslim involved in worshipping anyone besides Allah need to recite Kalma again" and that the question was general and not specific to any person.[5]
  • In February 2015 the madrasa issued a fatwa against Azam Khan a Minister of Uttar Pradesh on his proposal to build a temple for his party president Mulayam Singh Yadav. The madrasa said "In Islam believing in anyone other than Allah is illegitimate and so talking about building a temple is equally wrong,"[6]

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