Manucodes are birds-of-paradise in the genus Manucodia, that are medium-sized with black-glossed purple and green plumages.

Curl-crested manucode, (Manucodia comrii)
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Paradisaeidae
Genus: Manucodia
Boddaert, 1783

The members of this genus are distributed in the lowland forests of New Guinea and nearby islands. They are monogamous and sexually monomorphic,[1] in contrast to most birds-of-paradise.

The genus was introduced by the Dutch naturalist Pieter Boddaert in 1783 for a single species, the crinkle-collared manucode (Manucodia chalybatus). This is now the type species.[2][3] The genus name is a contracted form of Manucodiata that had been used in 1760 by the French zoologist Mathurin Jacques Brisson for a group of birds-of-paradise.[4][5] The word is derived from the Old Javanese Manuk meaning "birds" and dewata meaning "of the gods".[5]

The genus contains four species.[6]

Image Common Name Scientific name Distribution
Glossy-mantled manucode Manucodia ater lowlands of New Guinea and nearby islands
Jobi manucode Manucodia jobiensis lowland forests of Jobi Island and northern New Guinea
Crinkle-collared manucode Manucodia chalybatus New Guinea and Misool Island of West Papua.
Curl-crested manucode Manucodia comrii Papua New Guinea,


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