The Mansoori (Mansuri) are the community of ancient pathans & Rajputs , found in the state of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and north India.[1]

Regions with significant populations
 India,  Pakistan
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Related ethnic groups
• Mansoori

History and originEdit

This community consists of local converts and foreigners who migrated from outside subcontinent Persia and Afghanistan, and have been involved in the traditional occupation of cotton ginning/trading, In ancient time Mansoori made cotton into yarn for weaving for cloth, they distribute the cotton to household women for making yarn. [8]. Some Mansoori are converted Muslims and believe in their original Rajput caste. According to history, they came from Rajasthan to Gujarat at the time of the form of Ran Singh and lived here. Even today, their main caste - Rao, Deora, Chauhan, Bhati, which is also a Rajput clan[2]. The main origin of this community is from Afghanistan and some are converted Muslims from Rajputs. They were called Behna, Dhuna by the Hindu community and it is also mentioned that dhuna Behna was stated to the Hindu carder not for Muslims.[4] Until some time ago, surnames weren't used in this community; people were using Pathan/Khan as a surname because the ancestors of this community from Afghanistan. Some Mansoori belong to Rajputs , Gauri and thakur clan in amroha and throughout uttar pradesh. The reason of Adoption the name as Mansoori, there was a famous sufi saint so many years ago name as Khwaja Mansoor Al Hallaj (c. 858-922) had done same business. Tipu Sultan (Sultan Fateh Ali Khan Bahadur Tipu) belongs this community. Many members of this community migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and settled in Karachi and Sindh.

Present circumstancesEdit

Their historical traditional occupation of cotton carding was affected by industrialisation, therefore many adopted manufacturing. They are successful businessmen. This community is no longer that of cotton carders and cotton industrialists. They entered in different sectors and obtained a good education. They allow marriages in their own caste and sometimes with the same status caste. People settled in Gujarat are mostly in the semiprecious stone business but due to business slowdown many people have diversified into different industries—working as engineers, chartered accountants and in other areas.

The Mansoori are Sunni Muslim of the Barelvi and Deoband sect. They speak Urdu, and various dialects of Hindi. Their customs are similar to other Uttar Pradesh Muslims.[2]


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