Manora, Washim

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Manora is a town in Washim district, Maharashtra state, India. Nearby are other towns such as Waigaul, Poharadevi, and Asola; they are all religious villages. Manora is situated on the bank of river named as Arunavati River. It is a central town for nearby villages. All major administrative offices are situated in this town. This town is governed by Nagar Panchayat.

Banjara community forms a sizable population of the region. People from far-off places visit a village of Manora taluka known as Pwradevi or Poharadevi to worship Sevalal Maharaj, the lord of the Banjara community.

As far as education is concerned, in Manora, there are many more colleges of various studies. We can find one degree college and one ITI college in Manora.

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