Manoharam (2019 film)

Manoharam (transl. Beautiful) is a 2019 Indian Malayalam-language film directed by Anvar Sadik and produced by Jose Chakkalakal and A. K. Sunil .[1] The film stars Vineeth Sreenivasan, Aparna Das, Indrans and Basil Joseph.[2] The music was composed by Sanjeev T. and background score was done by Samuel Aby.

Theatrical release poster
Directed byAnvar Sadik
Produced byJose Chakkalakal
A.K. Sunil
StarringVineeth Sreenivasan
Aparna Das
Basil Joseph
Music bySanjeev Thomas
Samuel Aby
CinematographyJebin jacob
Edited byNidhin Raj Arol
Chakkalakal Films
New Surya Fims
Release date
  • 27 September 2019 (2019-09-27)
Running time
137 minutes

This movie is about Manoharan (Vineeth Sreenivasan) who is struggling to prove as an artist and gaining respect for his profession. With changes to new world of digital print technology, he tries hard to get into the real world, by trying hard to learn the technology and showcasing his skill as poster artist. The film released on 27 September 2019.[3]


The story is about Manoharan (Vineeth Sreenivasan), who is a talented and unusually creative artist hailing from beautiful village of Chittilamchery, Palakkad district. Nobody in his village admires his skill and assumes that Manu (as he fondly called) is not relevant to the time. His fiance elopes on the day before their wedding as she thinks Manu does not have any financial security and there is no future prospects.

Manu later finds out that his ex-fiance had eloped with Vijay (Ahmed Sidhique), who is the cousin of his childhood rival, Rahul (Deepak Parambol). When he gets to know that Rahul is planning to start a printing unit in their village, Manu decides to get back his own. With the support of his mother and friends Prabhu (Basil Joseph) and Varghese ettan (Indrans), Manu sets out to master designing software and open the first flex printing shop in his village. At the computer institute, Manu meets Sreeja (Aparna Das). Sreeja's job description was to teach the students to use advanced computer applications, but upon reaching the computer institute they tell that she has to teach Manu to use Photoshop. But Sreeja doesn't know how to use Photoshop. She gets to know that Manu doesn't even know the basics of turning on a computer. Sreeja tries avoiding Manu but eventually starts teaching him the basics. Manu gets suspicious after when he talks to sreeja about Photoshop she avoids him. He later confronts her and accuses her of fraud which leads her to resign from the university. When Manu gets to know about it he talks about it to her and they reconcile and she takes up the job again. They go to Rahul to learn Photoshop. The person who promised him the flex printing machine for half the price flees after thunder destroys the machines which leads Manu to presume that he cheated him. Manu fears that he lost everything he invested in. He ships it to his hometown. He tricks people to believe that he has a flex printing machine and opens the first flex shop in his hometown, when in reality he prints them in Coimbatore and ships them to his hometown. Eventually his scam gets exposed. He loses his shop and Rahul sets up a new shop. Rahul gets low customers than Manu had because of his lack of creativity. Rahul hires Manu and gets more customers. The temple fair is about to start and Rahul gets the order for all the flexes. A few days later, the mechanic who fleed after promising the machines turns up on his front yard. He explains that he did not have money to repair them during that time so he went to his hometown to sell a property and get the money to repair the machines. Manu rejects his offer to repair the machine and to replace the heads with a head that can print on cloth as a form of penance. But the mechanic requests him to keep the materials with Manu itself. On the printing day of the flexes Sreeja causes a short circuit due to which the machine fails. Rahul gets tensed and Manu calms him by saying he know a person who will print them. Manu calls the mechanic and asks him to return. The mechanic tell him that he is stuck in a traffic jam but will guide him through phone. The phone gets disconnected and Manu is forced to repair it using guesses. When he tries turning it on it does not work. When the onlookers remarks that he has a lot of complex Manu gets to know his mistake. He forgot to connect the combulox cables. He then tries it again and the machine works again. At the temple ground the contractor replies that he will give all the future projects to Manu he tells that he does not want them and to give all the projects to Rahul and he will be giving his machine to his friend. When asked is he starting a exile Manu tell that the exile is over, he is about to start his crowning ceremony. When asked about it he reveals that he got a job at Leiging Multimedia, a leading animation company. The place where Sreeja got her job. The film ends with Sreeja asking a fellow co-worker, is her boss married as she is seen flirting around Manu.



Soundtrack album by
Sanjeev T
GenreFeature film soundtrack
Singles from Manoharam
  1. "Kinavo
    (sung by Sanjeev T and Swetha Mohan)"
  2. "Munnotithaa
    (sung by Sanjeev T)"
  3. "Thaaro
    (sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan)"
  4. "Akale
    (sung by Sid Sriram)"

The film's music was composed by Sanjeev T and the lyrics were penned by Joe Paul. Background score was done by Samuel Aby.[4]

1."Kinavo"Sanjeev T
Swetha Mohan
2."Munnotithaa"Sanjeev T3:21
3."Thaaro"Vineeth Sreenivasan4:12
4."Akkale"Sid Sriram3:01
Total length:13:59


Being a low budget, film had a limited release. It had its initial release in Kerala and few other centers outside the state on 27 September 2019.


Box officeEdit

The film grossed 5.62 Crores across screens in Kerala.[citation needed]

Critical receptionEdit

Anjana George of The Times of India rated the film with 3.5 stars out of five. She praised the movie being Manoharam as its title while applauding Vineeth Sreenivasan for his portrayal.[3]

Navamy of The Hindu praised the film calling it "inherently good just like its hero".[1]


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