Manitowoc Breakwater Light

The Manitowoc Breakwater Light is a Lake Michigan lighthouse located near Manitowoc in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, at the end of the north pier defining Manitowoc's harbor.[2]

Manitowoc Breakwater Light
Manitowoc Breakwater Lighthouse
LocationManitowoc, Wisconsin
Coordinates44°05′33.918″N 87°38′36.91″W / 44.09275500°N 87.6435861°W / 44.09275500; -87.6435861Coordinates: 44°05′33.918″N 87°38′36.91″W / 44.09275500°N 87.6435861°W / 44.09275500; -87.6435861[1]
Height40 feet (12 m)
ShapeCylindrical on square fog signaling building
First lit1918
Focal height16 m (52 ft) Edit this on Wikidata
LensFourth order Fresnel lens
Range13 nautical miles (24 km; 15 mi)[1]
CharacteristicWhite, Isophase, 6 sec[1]

It is not to be confused with the smaller and complementary south pier navigational beacon, which was unmoored and swept out into the lake on January 7, 2019, during a period of heavy waves and lakeshore flooding from gusty winds. The beacon will be replaced as soon as possible.[3][4]



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