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Manirampur Government High School

Manirampur Government High School (MGHS) is a public boys' school located in Manirampur Upazila under Jessore District, Bangladesh.[1] It is a state school located at the intersections of Jessore-Satkhira Highway and Manirampur-Jhikargacha Road.

Manirampur Government High School
মণিরামপুর সরকারী উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়
MGHS Official Logo by Duke.png
Type Public boys' school
Motto পড় তোমার প্রভুর নামে
(Read in the name of your creator)
Established 1932 (1932)

Girindra Nath Ghosh,
Provash Kumar Dutt,
Ahad Ali Khan,
Moksed Ali Morol,
Alhaj Moksed Ali Biswas,
Sarder Ahammad Ali,
Adv. Nurul Islam,
Moslem Uddin Gazi,
Mohiuddin Sarder,
Alhaj Hajer ali Gazi,
S Keramot Ali,

Md. Azgar Ali Sarder.
Grades 6 - 10
Gender Male
Medium of language Bengali
Campus size 3.98 Acres
Campus type Urban
Color(s)      White and      Navy blue
Sports Football
Accreditation Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Jessore
Yearbook Provati



Metallic Logo of Manirampur Government High School

The school was established in 1932 [2] during the reign of British Government in Indian Subcontinent. The school was approved in 1958 during the reign of Pakistan Government, in then East Pakistan. Because of the restless efforts and cooperation of Alhajj Mufti Mawlana Mohammad Wakkas, the state minister of religion of the Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh, the then President Alhajj Hussain Muhammad Ershad announced and then implemented the school as a Government school on February 2, 1987. The school follows the SSC curriculum in Bengali medium under the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Jessore.[3] The EIIN is 116119.[4] The School code is 6224.[5]

Name historyEdit

  • Manirampur M. E. School (1932-'40)
  • Manirampur Junior High School (1940-'57)
  • Manirampur English High School (1957-'58)
  • Manirampur Thana Model High School (1959-'62)
  • Manirampur Multipurpose (Bohumukhee) High School (1962-'87)
  • Manirampur Government Pilot High School (1987-....)
  • Manirampur Government High School (....-Present)


The school campus is located at the manorial of Hakoba in Manirampur sadar which is bounded by Jessore-Satkhira highway and cove of river Harihar at the east, village Hakoba at the west, Manirampur-Jhikargacha road at the north and river Harihar at the south.

The campus has an area of 3.98 acres. The school has three buildings attached together. The old buildings are two storeyed and the new building is three storeyed.

There is a mosque in the campus which was built by the money of Masjid Fund raised by the students' fees.

There is a Shaheed Minar (Monument of Martyrs) at the campus which was used as the Central Shaheed Minar of Manirampur upazila till 2015 before construction of Manirampur's new Central Shaheed Minar at Upazila complex.

The campus has two playgrounds. One is used for daily assembly and other is used for sports. The playground is also used as a venue of annual Book Fair & other fairs and as a public stadium for holding different sports of the Upazila.

Manirampur Government Primary School is situated at the south-east corner within the campus.

Headmasters' directoryEdit

Sl no Name Qualification Working period
01 Kalipada Mondal B.A. B.T 1932-35
02 Babu Satish Chandra Dey (in charge) Entrance 1935-38
03 Md Asadullah B.A. B.Ed 1938-42
04 Arshad Ali Gazi I.A. Plucked 1942-44
05 Montaz Uddin B.A. Plucked 1944-45
06 Golam Rasul B.A. Plucked 1945-54
07 Fazlul Karim B.A. (Cal) Distinction 1955-59
08 Abdul Baki B.Sc B.T 1959-61
09 Fazlul Karim B.A. (Cal) Distinction 1961-62
10 Md Khorshed Alam M.A. M.Ed 1962-63
11 Abdul Zabber B.A. B.Ed 1963-65
12 Md Nurul Islam (in charge) B.Sc 1965-66
13 Md Mahabubul Haque Khan B.Sc M.A. B.T 1966-67
14 Md Abdul Jalil B.A. 1967-67
15 Md Harez Uddin (in charge) M.A. 1967-68
16 Rezaul Karim M.A. M.Ed 1968-69
17 Md Abdul Aziz M.A. B.Ed 1969-96
18 S. M. Abdul Zabber (in charge) B.A. B.Ed 1996-97
19 Md Abdul Aziz M.A. B.Ed 1997-99
20 K. M. Shamsur Rahman (in charge) B.Sc B.Ed 1999-99
21 Md Sirajul Islam (in charge) B.A. M.Ed 1999-00
22 Md Kamrul Hasan (in charge) B.A. B.P.Ed 2000-03
23 K. M. Shamsur Rahman (in charge) B.Sc B.Ed 2003-03
24 Md Abdul Halim (in charge) B.Sc B.Ed 2003-03
25 K. M. Shamsur Rahman (in charge) B.Sc B.Ed 2003-05
26 Md Abdus Satter (in charge) 2005-..
(2005-2015 will be added soon)


The school enrolls students from class (grade) 6 to 10. The school operates in one shift. Each class has average 60 students. Class 9 and 10 are subdivided into 3 sections Science, Arts, and Commerce group.


Students are to participate in 'admission test' for the chance of admission to this school. Usually students are admitted in class 6 to 9. The admission test is taken usually in December after the 'Annual exam' ( also called yearly exam) of the school.

Daily assemblyEdit

In order to create disciplined mind and obedience, assembly is called every day before schooling. Reciting from Al-Quran, Geeta, oath and singing national anthem of Bangladesh. Thus patriotism and moralities are grown in students' minds.


The school uniform is white shirt with navy blue full pant, white shoes and navy blue sweater (for winter only). The school's monogram is printed on the shirt's pocket and shoulder cuff is provided from school.

Exam system and resultEdit

There are two terms in a year. First one is 'Half-yearly' term (January - June) another one is 'Annual' term (July - December). Students get every of their results in their personal score-card.

Teachers-guardians conferenceEdit

To make each students best from better, a conference is called where they discuss the problems of a student and how to remove those. Thus this school makes a good results in SSC and JSC.


The library has a good collection of books. Most of them were bought by coeval sanctioned money during the establishment of the school. Others were bought by annually approved money.

School magazineEdit

The name of the magazine of the school is Provati. The magazine is not published regularly every year. The school magazine is a historical document of the growth of the school. It informs the future generation of students about the traditions built up of their school. This valuable publication is the opportunity that students require to show their creative talents. Along with academic studies, students are encouraged in games and athletics, art and craft, science clubs, dramatics and various other activities. These make the years in school interesting and worth remembering. But intellectual activities like debates, elocution and essay-writing competitions are rarely found. The school magazine is the window to the activities of the school. Proper initiative by the teachers can help in improving the views and expressions of the students which in turn will raise the standard of the magazine.

Extracurricular sportsEdit

The students of MGHS are active in sports. The annual sports competition is organized by the school authority in February each year. Sprints (100 to 400 meters), long jump, and high jump are few to mention among different kinds of sports in which students participate.

Inter school sports competitions are arranged every year that includes Cricket, Football, Handball and other athletics events.


  • Scouting Club

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  • স্মরণিকা - প্রাক্তন ছাত্র পুনর্মিলনী ১৯৩২-১৯৯৯ [Souvenir - The Former Students Reunion 1932-1999] (in Bengali). 2000.


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