Manipay Hindu College (Tamil: மானிப்பாய் இந்து கல்லூரி Māṉippāy Intu Kallūri, Sinhala: මනිපායි හින්දු විද්‍යාලය Manipayi Hindu Vidyalaya) is a provincial school in Manipay, Sri Lanka.[1][2] The college was founded by A. V. Sangarapillai, father of Senator Sir Sangarapillai Pararajasingam.[3]

Manipay Hindu College
மானிப்பாய் இந்து கல்லூரி
Sangarapillai Road

Sri Lanka
Coordinates9°42′53.10″N 79°59′44.40″E / 9.7147500°N 79.9956667°E / 9.7147500; 79.9956667
School typePublic National (APS) 1AB
MottoFor God and Country
(கடவுளுக்காகவும், நாட்டுக்காகவும்)
Founded4 July 1910 (1910-07-04)
School districtValikamam Education Zone
AuthorityMinistry of Education (Sri Lanka)
CategoryNational School
School number1012020
Teaching staff120
Age range11-19
School roll1600
HousesSundarar, Sambandar, Manikkar and Vakeesar
Color(s)Red and Blue

Motto, Vision and Mission edit

Motto edit

For God and Country

Vision edit

To develop good citizens with social adaptability multi disciplinary abilities.

Mission edit

Organising resources and opportunities effectively to attain optional dedicate stage in physical, mental, social and spiritual activities of students.

Principals edit

Year Name
2020 - date Mr.S.Ilango
2018 – 2020 Mr.S.Indrakumar
2015 – 2018 Mr.S.Indrabala

(Acting Principal)

2005 – 2015 Mr.S.Sivaneswaran
2004 – 2005  Mr.K.Jeganathan

(Acting Principal)

1998 – 2003   Mr.K.Shanmuganathan
1989 – 1998 Late Mr.C.Kesavarajan
1983 – 1989 Late Mr.S.V.Mahesavelu
1983 Late Mr.V.Suntharalingam

(Acting Principal)

1979 – 1983 Late Mr.S.T.Chari
1972 – 1979 Late Mr.S.Perairavar
1956 – 1972 Late Mr.K.Muttuvetpillai
1952 – 1955 Late Mr.C.Navaratnam
1922 – 1952 Late Mr.Veerasingham
1921 – 1922 Late Mr.S.Mayilvakanam

(Swami Vipulanndar)

1920 – 1921 Late Mr.S.Sivapathasundaram

(Acting Principal)

1917 – 1920 Late Mr.T.H.Crossette
1915 – 1917 Late Mr.T.P.Hudson
1914 – 1915 Late Mr.M.Sabaratnasinghe

(Acting Principal)

1913 – 1914 Late Mr.G.Shiva Rao
1911 – 1913 Late Mr.P.Sabapathipillai  
1910 – 1911 Late Mr.S.Veerasamipillai

Houses edit

The students are divided among four houses named Sambandar, Sundarar, Manikkar and Vakeesar.

House Name Colour
Sundarar 🟩 Green
Sambandar 🟥 Red
Manikkar 🟦 Blue
Vakeesar 🟨 Yellow

The houses are named from the four foremost Nayanars (or Nayanmars) of Tamil Hindu saints.

An annual sport of atletics among these houses held in the middle of the first term.

Old Students Association (OSA) edit

Manipay Hindu College Old Students Association (OSA) was formed in 1917. The main purpose of the OSA was to keep former pupils in touch with each other and the school.

In 1980, Manipay Hindu College OSA was registered as approved charity under section 31 (9) of Island Revenue Act. (Gazette No 80 of 14/03/1980)

Manipay Hindu College, OSA has branches in Colombo, London, Toronto, Montreal, Sydney and Melbourne.

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References edit

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