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Manila Boy is a 1993 Filipino crime action comedy-drama film which starring Robin Padilla, Tony Ferrer, Aurora Sevilla, Andy Poe, Berting Labra, Rommel Padilla and Judy Ann Santos. Directed by Arturo San Agustin under Pioneer Films.

Manila Boy
Directed byArturo San Agustin
Produced byPioneer Films Worldwide
Written byEddie Joson
StarringRobin Padilla
Music byMagnum "Jun" Garlan
CinematographyDanny Bustos
Ricardo Herrera
Ben Lobo
Joe Tutanes
Edited byEdgardo "Boy" Vinarao
Pioneer Films
Distributed byPioneer Films
Release date
22 September 1993
Running time
119 minutes
BudgetP55 million


This is a story about Diego (Robin Padilla), a wacky provincial man from Zambales to find a job for works to Manila with Mang Berto (Berting Labra) and finding Mang Berto's long time friend Sibuboy (Val Iglesia) to met Diego for helping him and he likes to willingly work with Sibuboy as his business partner. Suddenly Mang Berto escapes when the cops captured Diego and Sibuboy as a gun runners. Then Ragoy (Romy Diaz) and his men prepares for released Diego and Sibuboy to out of jail and applied for a works to a millionaire kingpin Señor Escudero (Tony Ferrer) as their big boss and hunts against his enemies about the drug smuggling, sex trafficking, hoodlum in roads, and illegal gambling for Señor Escudero's businesses and Gonzalo (Paquito Diaz) taking care of Señor Escudero's decision. Diego remains his alias and become a hitman as Manila Boy.


Robin Padilla portrays Diego/Manila Boy.
Judy Ann Santos portrays Neneng.
  • Robin Padilla as Diego/Manila Boy
  • Tony Ferrer as Señor Escudero
  • Aurora Sevilla as Anita
  • Judy Ann Santos as Neneng
  • Berting Labra as Mang Berto
  • Vanessa Escaño as Vanessa
  • Norman Lucena as Jake
  • Gilda Aragon as Minda
  • Fred Panopio as Tiyo Pedong
  • Ben Dato as Barangay Chairman
  • Jenny Roa as Señor Escudero's secretary
  • Andy Poe as Maj. Zaragoza
  • Paquito Diaz as Gonzalo
  • Romy Diaz as Ragoy
  • Max Alvarado as Turko
  • Val Iglesias as Sibuboy (as Val Iglesia)
  • Flora Cristobal as Aling Flora
  • Conrad Poe as Alvarez
  • Lovely Rivero as Turko's hitwoman
  • Rommel Padilla as Señor Escudero's henchmen no. 1
  • June Hidalgo as Señor Escudero's henchmen no. 2 (as Jun Hidlago)
  • Cesar Iglesias as Señor Escudero's henchmen no. 3 (as Cesar Iglesia)
  • Danny Riel as Señor Escudero's henchmen no. 4
  • Jim Rosales as Señor Escudero's henchmen no. 5
  • July Hidalgo as Ragoy's henchmen no. 1
  • Jorge Estregan as Ragoy's henchmen no. 2
  • Renato del Prado as Alvarez's henchmen no. 1
  • Tony Bernal as Alvarez's henchmen no. 2
  • Robert Miller as Alvarez's henchmen no. 3
  • Bomber Moran as Turko's henchmen no. 1
  • Nonong de Andres as Turko's henchmen no. 2
  • Rey Solo as Turko's henchmen no. 3
  • Bobby Oreo as Turko's henchmen no. 4
  • Bebeng Amora as Turko's henchmen no. 5
  • King Gutierrez as Gambling syndicate leader
  • Zandro Zamora as Police officer no. 1
  • Rene Matias as Police officer no. 2
  • Ernie David as Erning Barako
  • Tony Bagyo as Erning Barako's Inmate

Manila Boy Movie was disqualifiedEdit

Robin Padilla's movie was disqualified for the showing of Metro Manila cinemas in 1993, as the board of governors being the mayors that comprise Metro Manila. In particular, the mayor of Manila at the time, Alfredo Lim, was concerned of the violent, lawless image of a "Manila Boy" being promoted by the movie. The mayor not only dropped the movie from the annual festival but also threatened to ban of the movie from being shown in the city of Manila. To go around the ban, the producers agreed to drop "Manila" from the title and released the movie as just "Boy".

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