Mangalagiri Tadepalli Municipal Corporation

Mangalagiri Tadepalli Municipal Corporation is the civic body that governs Mangalagiri and Tadepalle city's and villages in the corresponding mandals of the Mangalagiri Assembly constituency in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is the second largest municipal corporation next in line to GVMC in terms of area with 194.41 km2 (75.06 sq mi) and 2,53,875 of voters in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is classified as important Municipal Corporation in the Capital of Andhra Pradesh.[1][2] Municipal Corporation mechanism in India was introduced during British Rule with formation of municipal corporation in Madras (Chennai) in 1688, later followed by municipal corporations in Bombay (Mumbai) and Calcutta (Kolkata) by 1762.[3] Mangalagiri Tadepalle Municipal Corporation Municipal Corporation is headed by Mayor of city and governed by Commissioner.

Mangalagiri Tadepalli Municipal Corporation
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Mangalagiri Municipality was formed in 1969. In January 2021, the Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department issued an order notifying the merger of eleven-gram panchayats — Atmakuru, Nutakki, Pedavadlapudi, Ramachandrapuram, Yerrabalem, Kaza, Chinakakani, Nowluru, Chinavadlapudi and Nidamarru of Mangalagiri mandal with Mangalagiri Municipality.[4] Tadepalli Municipality was formed in 2009. In January 2021, the Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department issued an order notifying the merger of ten-gram panchayats — Undavalli, Penumaka, Prathuru, Vaddeswaram, Ippatam, Mellempudi, Chirravuru, Kunchanapalli, Kolanukonda and Gundemeda of Tadepalli mandal with Tadepalli Municipality.In line to develop the Mangalagiri and Tadepalli as model towns, on 23 March 2021, Government of Andhra Pradesh merged Mangalagiri Municipality and Tadepalli Municipality to form Mangalagiri Tadepalli Municipal Corporation.[5].The municipality with the help of Irrigation Department, improves the drinking water, internal roads, supply of electricity and sewerage management.[1].2021 Mangalagiri Tadepalle Municipal Corporation to be developed into model towns at an estimated cost of Rs 1,173.66 crore, and a detailed administrative sanction for the same would be accorded shortly.

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In March 2021 Tadepalli Municipality, Mangalagiri Municipality, Tadepalli Mandal & Mangalagiri Mandal was merged along with corresponding villages and formed Mangalagiri Tadepalli Municipal Corporation. Mangalagiri Tadepalle Municipal Corporation has a total of 50 election wards.

Ward No Name of the Ward Ward No Name of the Ward Ward No Name of the Ward
1. Praturu-Gundimeda 18. Mangalagiri 35. Makenavaripeta to Yerrabalem
2. Tadepalli (Bypass) 19. Mangalagiri (Lakshminarasimhaswami Temple,Bosebomma Center) 36. Yerrabalem1
3. Kunchanapalli 20. Mangalagiri(Tenali rd,Weavers,Anjaneya col,Nancharama Cheruvu,Gajulavari veedi) 37. Yerrabalem2
4. Vadeswaram 21. Mangalagiri (Mainroad Jun) 38. Yerrabalem3
5. Kolanukonda-Vadeswaram 22. Mangalagiri(11ward Sachawalayam,Koppuravuru col,Bargavapeta,Tenali Road) 39. Penumaka
6. Ippatam-Gundumeda-Mellempudi 23. Mangalagiri(Rajivee Crossroad,Bargavpeta,Sharbbajar) 40. Undavalli1
7. Ramachandrapuram-Chirravuru 24. Mangalagiri(Niddamaru Road,Gowthambudda Jun,Bank Col,Near Market) 41. Undavalli2
8. Nuthakki-Chirravuru-Ramachandrapuram 25. Mangalagiri(Gowthambudda Road,NRI Jun,Chinnakanaki ZPHS) 42. Undavalli Center
9. Nuthakki-Pedavadlapudi 26. Mangalagiri(11ward Sachavalayam,Dimpudukallam area) 43. Undavalli-Pollakampadu
10. Pedavadlapudi 27. Mangalagiri(Old Mangalagiri,Dimpudukallam,Hussian Katta,NCC road) 44. Tadepalli1
11. Pedavadlapudi-Chinavadlapudi 28. Chinnakakani (NRI Area) 45. Pollakampadu-Tadepalli
12. Atmakuru1 29. Kaza (ANU Area) 46. Tadepalli2
13. Atmakuru2 30. Kaza 47. Tadepalli3
14. Mangalagiri(APSP area) 31. Nidammaru 48. Tadepalli4
15. Mangalagiri(Indiranagar) 32. Mangalagiri(Udha Colony Nowluru) 49. Tadepalli-Seethanagaram
16. Mangalagiri(Yanadi Col,Gajulavari Col) 33. Nowluru1 50. Tadepalli-Mahanadu
17. Mangalagiri(Gathroad) 34. Nowluru2


Lakshmi Narasimha Temple is the abode of Lord Vishnu, who manifested himself as Thotadri, is present in Mangalagiri. There are three Narasimha Swamy temples.[28] Undavalli caves, located in Undavalli, are a specimen of Indian rock-cut architecture. The historic caves are located at the top of the hills overlooking the Krishna River, built during the 4th-5th century. Dedicated to Ananta Padmanabha Swamy and Narasimha Swamy, Undavalli Cave Temples are associated with the Vishnukundina kings. Swami Chinna Jeeyar Asramam and Temple town was located in Sitanagaram Tadepalli. Haailand Resorts is the biggest Amusement park on the Guntur-Vijayawada highway. Adventura and Vijayawada Club are recreation places in the corporation.

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