Mandy (2018 film)

Mandy is a 2018 action horror film directed by Panos Cosmatos, produced by Elijah Wood and co-written by Cosmatos and Aaron Stewart-Ahn based on a story Cosmatos conceived. A co-production of the United States and Belgium, the film stars Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough, Linus Roache, Ned Dennehy, Olwen Fouéré, Richard Brake, and Bill Duke.

Mandy (2018 film).png
Theatrical release poster
Directed byPanos Cosmatos
Screenplay by
  • Panos Cosmatos
  • Aaron Stewart-Ahn
Story byPanos Cosmatos
Produced by
CinematographyBenjamin Loeb
Edited byBrett W. Bachman
Music byJóhann Jóhannsson
Distributed byRLJE Films
Release dates
  • January 19, 2018 (2018-01-19) (Sundance)
  • September 14, 2018 (2018-09-14) (United States)
Running time
121 minutes
Budget$6 million[3]
Box office$1.7 million[4]

It premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival on January 19, and was theatrically released on September 14, 2018 by RLJE Films.

Mandy was praised for its style and originality, Cage's performance, Cosmatos' direction, and the action sequences. It is one of the last films scored by Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, who died in February 2018. The film is dedicated to him.[5]


Near the Shadow Mountains, recovering alcoholic Red Miller lives a solitary life with his girlfriend, artist and author Mandy Bloom. He works as a logger, while she has a day job as a gas station cashier. In their cabin by a lake, Mandy creates elaborate fantasy art, which Red admires greatly.

On her way to work one day, Mandy walks past a van carrying the Children of the New Dawn, a religious cult led by Jeremiah Sand. Sand is struck by Mandy's beauty and orders one of his disciples, Brother Swan, to kidnap Mandy with the help of the Black Skulls, a cannibalistic, demonic biker gang who regularly use a highly potent form of LSD.

That night, Swan drives out to the lake and summons the Black Skulls by blowing a mystical ocarina known as the Horn of Abraxas. After Swan offers them a low-ranking member of the cult as a sacrifice, they break into the couple's home and subdue Mandy and Red. Afterwards, cultists Mother Marlene and Sister Lucy drug Mandy before presenting her to Sand. Sand, a failed musician, attempts to seduce Mandy with his psychedelic folk music, telling her that God had told him to take anything he wanted, but she instead laughs at Sand, infuriating him. In retaliation, he stabs Red, who is bound and gagged with barbed wire, before burning Mandy alive. After Sand and his followers leave, Red frees himself, mourns over Mandy's ashes, goes back inside, and falls asleep. After waking up from a nightmare, he consumes a bottle of vodka, tends to his wounds, and shrieks in agony, grief, and rage.

The next morning, Red fetches his crossbow from his friend Caruthers, who also provides him with freshly crafted bolts and information on the Black Skulls. Caruthers explains that the Black Skulls were former drug couriers who became sadomasochists after they consumed a bad batch of LSD. Before Red leaves, Caruthers warns him that his odds of survival are poor, but Red strives to hunt down the bikers after forging a battle axe. He shoots one with his crossbow and runs him down, but crashes his car and is captured in the process. At their hideout, Red breaks free from his restraints and kills the rest of the bikers. As he investigates their hideout, he consumes some of their drugs, causing him to instantly and severely hallucinate.

Seeking out a radio tower he envisioned earlier, Red encounters The Chemist, a mysterious drug manufacturer, who tells him where to find the Children of the New Dawn. At their makeshift wooden church in a quarry, Red kills Brothers Swan, Hanker, and Klopek, but spares the life of Sister Lucy. In the tunnels beneath the church, Red finds Mother Marlene and decapitates her. He then confronts Sand, taunting him by throwing Marlene's severed head at him before crushing his skull. He then sets Sand's body and the church on fire before driving away. As Red drives, he starts envisioning Mandy in the passenger seat of his car, while the landscape behind him now appears fantastical and otherworldly.


  • Nicolas Cage as Red Miller, a lumberjack whose girlfriend is killed by an indie cult group.[6]
  • Andrea Riseborough as Mandy Bloom, Red's girlfriend, who is taken hostage and burnt to death for refusing to be seduced by Jeremiah Sand. [6]
  • Linus Roache as Jeremiah Sand, an egoistic cult leader who falls in love with Mandy and kidnaps her.[6]
  • Bill Duke[6] as Caruthers
  • Richard Brake as The Chemist[6]
  • Ned Dennehy as Brother Swan[6]
  • Olwen Fouéré as Mother Marlene[6]
  • Hayley Saywell as Sis[7]
  • Line Pillet as Sister Lucy[8]
  • Clément Baronnet as Brother Klopek[8]
  • Alexis Julemont as Brother Hanker[8]
  • Stephan Fraser as Brother Lewis[8]
  • Ivailo Dimitrov as Skratch[8]
  • Kalin Kerin as Scabs[8]
  • Tamás Hagyuó as Fuck Pig[8]
  • Paul Painter as Cheddar Goblin[8]


On June 7, 2017, Nicolas Cage was announced as the star of the film.[9] Production used the Arri Alexa camera, coupled with the Panavision anamorphic format, to achieve the film's old-school atmosphere.[10]

Legion M, an entertainment studio that allows fans to invest in and be part of the creation of films, was a production partner for Mandy and hosted a panel discussion featuring director Panos Cosmatos and others at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018. Cage made a surprise appearance at the event.[11]

The weapon forged by Red was based on the “F” from the logo for extreme metal band Celtic Frost.[12]

The song "Starless" by the English progressive rock band King Crimson plays over the opening credits. It is taken from their 1974 album Red, which is also the name of Cage's character.[13]


The film premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival on January 19.[14] It began a limited cinematic release on September 13, 2018, playing at a maximum of 250 theatres, and was released on VOD on September 14.[15][16]


Critical responseEdit

According to the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, 90% of critics have given the film a positive review based on 248 reviews, with an average rating of 7.6/10. The website's critics consensus reads, "Mandy's gonzo violence is fueled by a gripping performance by Nicolas Cage—and anchored with palpable emotion conveyed between his volcanic outbursts."[17] At Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 81 out of 100 based on 30 critics, indicating "universal acclaim".[18]

Reviewing the film after its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, Nick Allen of praised it, writing that "for all of the endless feral performances that Cage has given, in movies good, bad and forgettable, Cosmatos’ style-driven, ‘80s-tastic passion for weird worlds and characters takes full advantage of Cage’s greatness, and then some."[19]

In a five-star review for Dirty Movies, Stephen Lee Naish called the film "a blood soaked revenge caper," praising Cosmatos for a "masterful approach" that "aligns him with Kubrick and Lynch in delivering perfectly believable and fully realized worlds and characters that operate within their own laws of physics."[20] Meanwhile, film critic Christopher Stewardson said the film "is sure to become a cult favourite all of its own."[21] In December 2018, Esquire named Mandy the top film in its 25 Best Movies of 2018 So Far.[22]


Award Date of ceremony Category Recipients Result Ref.
Austin Film Critics Association Awards January 7, 2019 Best Score Jóhann Jóhannsson Won [23][24]
Best Stunts Mandy Nominated
Chicago Film Critics Association Awards December 8, 2018 Best Original Score Jóhann Jóhannsson Nominated [25]
Detroit Film Critics Society Awards December 3, 2018 Best Use of Music Jóhann Jóhannsson Nominated [26]
Dublin Film Critics' Circle Awards December 20, 2018 Best Cinematography Benjamin Loeb 5th place [27]
Best Film Mandy 10th place[a]
Fangoria Chainsaw Awards February 25, 2019 Best Actor Nicolas Cage Won [28][29]
Best Director Panos Cosmatos Nominated
Best Limited Release Mandy Won
Best Makeup FX Oriane de Neve Nominated
Best Score Jóhann Jóhannsson Won
Best Supporting Actor Linus Roache Nominated
Hollywood Music in Media Awards November 14, 2018 Best Original Score — Independent Film Jóhann Jóhannsson Nominated [30]
Houston Film Critics Society Awards January 3, 2019 Best Poster Mandy Nominated [31]
Independent Spirit Awards February 23, 2019 Best Cinematography Benjamin Loeb Nominated [32]
Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival July 16, 2018 Narcisse Award for Best Feature Film Mandy Nominated [33][34]
Saturn Awards September 13, 2019 Best Actor Nicolas Cage Nominated [35]
Best Independent Film Mandy Won
Seattle Film Critics Society Awards December 17, 2018 Best Original Score Jóhann Jóhannsson Won [36]
Sitges Film Festival October 15, 2018 Best Director Panos Cosmatos Won [37]
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