Mandarin Training Center

Mandarin Training Center (MTC; Chinese: 國語教學中心) is one of the world's oldest and most distinguished programs for Chinese as a second language study. It is run by National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) in Taipei, Taiwan and located at NTNU Daan Campus.

Mandarin Training Center
MTC occupies five floors of the Language Studies Building
Former names
Center for Chinese Language and Culture Studies (2002–2004)
AffiliationNational Taiwan Normal University
Academic staff
Studentsapprox. 1000
Location, ,
Coordinates: 25°1′38.46″N 121°31′42.68″E / 25.0273500°N 121.5285222°E / 25.0273500; 121.5285222


MTC was founded in 1956. It was briefly known as the Center for Chinese Language and Culture Studies from 2002–2004. The center attracts students from all parts of the world to Taiwan to study the Mandarin language and literature. Students also have access to courses in Chinese calligraphy, Chinese martial arts, and traditional music and theater. Courses are offered in three-month quarterly terms throughout the year. This system enables international students to engage in intensive language study during their summer breaks and within single semesters. The MTC sponsors travel, hosts speech contests, and stages workshops and performances.

On September 202016, NTNU and the Ministry of Education launched the Office of Global Mandarin Education at the university.[1]


Over a thousand students from over seventy[2] countries enroll for studies each year at the Mandarin Training Center. Nations represented include Australia, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, Spain, France, the UK, Kenya, South Africa, the USA, Canada, and countries in the Middle East and in Central, South America and the Caribbean. This international presence makes the Shida neighborhood of Taipei one of the city's most cosmopolitan. Since 8 April 2013, people unable to attend MTC have had MTC Online on the Internet as an option. The center's alumni association, the MTCAA, has been in existence since 1998.[3]

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